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Disney Princesses Are Kind Of Jerks.

Which Disney princess do you think was the most horrible person?

I personally couldn't stand Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She meets a prince and then more or less ditches her family to spend the rest of her life with him. She gave up her fins! She couldn't even dive back in and visit if she wanted to! Savage.
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Mulan, she also abandoned her family to take her father's place, IN. A. WAR. snuck out in the night like, 'later family, I'm gonna go die against some Mongolians.
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That just takes some balls tbh.
a year ago
Meredith. Not sure if shes a proper Disney Princess, but I hated everything about her. She whined thru out the entire movie and caused such a ruckus.
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she really did lol.
a year ago
@BenGiddens I have to disagree. either so go or her aging and disabled father go. who do u think can survive a war?
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I just like the singing along with all the Disney movies
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that frozen chick..never learned to let go
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