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Blood. Blood is dripping from every wound that he has. I apply pressure to one of the many wounds foolishly hoping this much will save his life. His body was growing colder by the seconds the medics did not arrive on time. Even if they get here they won’t be able to find us in this abandoned place.
I sit on my legs, to rest my knees from being pushed into the rubble, cradling his upper body against me. I gently move his hair away from his forehead with my right hand caressing his face, staining his face with his very own blood, as I slide down to his growing pale lips. My thumb is brushed gently by the heat that is leaving through his lips from every shallow breath he takes. His eyes wonder from me then to somewhere unknown never staying on the same spot for long.
I look back at the man I love, from staring off into the distance, when I hear a gurgling noise escape his lips. His body was twitching each time he coughs. I try to shush him by placing my index finger on his lips gently, "Please restrain yourself from speaking. You'll only make it worse." I beg of him. The dark, thick, red liquid began to trickle down out of the corner of his mouth. He opens his mouth once again, showing the red tint on his teeth, to cough. His blood hits my face causing me to close my eyes. I feel him slowly turn to his side as he continues to cough.
I open my eyes once again when I feel a frightening cold touch touches my cheek. I lean my face into his left hand as he tries to smile at me. I grab a hold of his left hand bring it back down to his chest. His heart was rapidly drumming against his chest, I fear that it'll burst at any moment from beating so fast.
Relief and hope surges through my veins once I hear the sirens off into the distance gaining towards us. He holds onto my hand, that is placed over his heart, tighter as the vehicles screech to a halt. “They’re here.” I softly whisper. Taehyung gives a small gentle smile then, suddenly, the drumming stops.
K-Idol Story Followers:
Do not fret this is not to torture you, maybe just a little lol, but it's the prologue to a story that appeared into my head suddenly. I'm going to TRY my very best to update at LEAST every two weeks with a new episode, I dislike calling them chapters. I no longer have my state exam to study for, I passed I'm a certified Medical Assistant now so yay lol, so I'll have about 5-6 hours each day to write after work.
What do you think of the little prologue? Does it sound like it'll be a good story?
Let me know if you want to keep, taken out, or added onto the tag list.
Please tag me
please tag me
I saw blood and was like " OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO V?!"
yep I know I'm going to be a total emotional train wreck if there is more