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Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: College AU/ Angst and Smut.... everything I guess Chapter 5 Story: Break ups are hard so how do you chose to get over yours.... enter into a contract to be another man's pretend fiance for six months to impress his parents.....This outta be good.
Y/N's POV "Ahhh.." You let out a small moan as his middle finger moved in and out of you. His thumb rubbing circles around your clit at the same time. His body hovered over yours just slightly as he looked at your every reaction to what he was doing to you. You sat up scooting closer to the head board so you could lean against it. Your heart was racing and you were panting. He moved his hand by your head and leaned on it while he continued pushing his finger inside you. He kept bringing you close to your climax and then he would stop. He'd kiss you, he'd hold your hand but he wasn't going to let you come. "Is it too much for you baby girl?" he said against your lips. He was so close to you, his eyes glittering as he stared at you. You simply nodded, "What do you want me to do?" he asked. "Take me." you whispered. "You want me that bad? I'm happy. Does it make you happy to know I want you too?" he said. His finger sped up inside of you, you grabbed onto his shoulders. You breathed holding back your voice by habit. He pouted, "Aw baby girl I thought you'd make some noise for me." "I'm trying." You said whispered. Your eyes were squeezed shut. Junmyeon kissed you, finally pulling his finger from you. He kissed you softly, he spent most of the time trying to be as gentle as possible. Even his so called 'punishment was gentle' with light slaps to your bottom. His punishment of moving slow with his tongue against your body and his hands touching you everywhere they could find skin was much worse. He let his lips graze your breast but he wouldn't kiss them, he would lick or suck or bite. All the things he normally did he faked like he'd do them only to get you to beg for him and you did. Despite how much it drove you crazy, it wasn't cruel you, liked his teasing. You also liked that he was focused on taking care of you and being gentle. He wanted to prove to you that he wasn't always so rough. He pulled away from your lips, "It's okay baby don't force yourself. Daddy Junnie can still take care of you. Do you still want me inside you?" You nodded slowly with your hand covering your mouth. Junmyeon smiled and lightly tugged on your arm, "Come here baby." He laid you down on your side and lifted your leg up. He told you to keep it there for a second while he adjusted himself. He grabbed your leg again once he was able to push inside of you. You gripped the bed sheets embarrassed by your position. He moved inside you slowly, he slipped his hand around your body to fondle your breast. His lips moved to the nape of your neck. His tongue exploring the area, everything going on caused you to let out your voice again, "Junmyeon." you gasped in pleasure. "Is it too much baby girl?" You tried to bury your face in the sheets when you said, "I want more." you said. Oh goodness what was he doing to you? He turned you into someone you didn't know. It wasn't a bad thing but it some how scared you because you were happy with him. You were happy when he called you baby girl or if he asked you if you were okay, when he kissed you, when he said he wanted you....When he said he liked you. "Fuck Junmyeon." you said out loud not meaning to but he didn't seem to mind. He didn't mind as long as he heard you calling for him. You were trying not to cry again but you had let tears slip. Why did you want him? Why were you crying? You gripped the sheets closing your eyes, you saw Jackson in your mind. He would be furious that you liked someone else but not him when you were his. 'Don't give into Junmyeon, you know this will end. You know Jackson won't let you see him or be near him again.' You let those words run through your head. You would've convinced yourself not to fall but then he turned you over to face him. He looked at you curiously, "Baby girl I told you if you wanted me to stop just tell me." he said. He wiped your tears away, you looked at him confused. "I heard you say 'don't' did I hurt you?" he asked. Your heart was going to burst if he kept talking to you like this. No one ever talked to you like this, Junmyeon was killing you softly with every gentle motion. You pulled him down to you, "I want you to stop doing this to me." you whispered. "You want me to stop touching you?" "No, I want you to stop making me happy. I don't want to feel this." "Why baby girl? It's a good thing to be happy." he said holding. "Not when I know at the end of this I can never see you again." "Why not?" You were silent but still you clung to him. He lifted you up so you'd look at him. You straddled him, your bare chest in his face. He ignored them and looked up at you right in the eyes. "Why won't my baby girl let me make her happy? Do you believe I'd let him take you from me?" You looked at him with wide eyes. "Y/N did he hurt you?" he asked. You were silent for a second then you started to roll your hips. He placed his hands on them trying to stop you but you let out a moan and he fell faster than Troy. His hands reached up your back till they were touching your shoulder blades, "Fuck baby girl, you know what you do to me." he said. He rolled on top of you and started to move a little faster. "You want to cum don't you baby girl?" "Yes Junnie." "Then go ahead and cum." "Move faster." you whimpered in his ear. He chuckled, "Is my baby girl telling me what to do?" "-Myeon please." you begged. "Okay baby, I'll give you what you want. You deserve it." he said. He moved faster but was careful not to be too rough. A quick curse let him know you were close and where he was hitting was making you feel so good. He kept chanting your name in your ear then he sat up slightly to rub you clit. He kissed you hard until your back arched and you scratched his back, mouth open and a silent scream letting him know you had come undone. Your shaky breaths continued till he reached his climax by calling your name. It sounded amazing coming from him. You were starting to understand the obsession of wanting to hear the moans and screams of a lover. He pulled out of you and rolled over with a sigh. You two laid there in silence for a moment before you asked, "Why were you sleeping on the couch?" "Isn't it obvious I was waiting for you to come home. You wouldn't answer your phone and I couldn't find you. If Chanyeol hadn't told me you do this every so often I would've called the police." he said. "Isn't that going through too much trouble?" "I don't think so, someone just suddenly disappears out of your life and there's no way to reach them. It's terrifying just to think about the things that could happen." You turned your head to look at him staring up at the ceiling. "Why do you even care?" you said. "Did you forget already? I like you Y/N. It's hard to really put into words for me because I've never liked someone as much as I liked you. The reason me and Jongin were competing so much was because I needed a distraction." he sighed. "Wait what?" you said sitting up on your forearm. "What, I can't hit on my best friend and roommate's girlfriend." "You liked me since then?" "Actually I had a bit of a crush on you a few years back when you were standing outside the college looking for one of the buildings but I didn't get to you in time. Chanyeol had helped you out and after that I didn't see you again. I was a bit jealous and annoyed that Jongin somehow found you first. He didn't know I liked you though." You sat up on the bed and looked down at him amazed. "How can you like someone just by seeing them?" You asked. "You attract people to you like honey attracts whinnie the Pooh." You laughed, you felt his hand touch your arm. He was looking at your tattoo again. You looked away, "He hurt you didn't he? Jackson." "Please stop asking about him." you said. "Baby he's terrorizing you and I can see it. I'll help you but you have to trust me even if it's just a little." "Junmyeon you don't understand- I belong to him. I'm his there's nothing you can do to change that and he will stop at nothing until he has me even if that means hurting you, or Chanyeol. Jackson doesn't care... about anything." "Jackson doesn't scare me." Junmyeon said. "Yeah well what he could do to you scares me. That's why you can't say things like you like me or you want to help, you can't defeat the devil." You said. You started to get up from the bed but he grabbed you and pulled you back down. "If you don't want to be his you don't have to be Y/N." "My parents made the deal when we were teenagers promising me to him. We would've been married two years ago if I hadn't left and either way I still have to go back." "Go back to what? That dark hell where you decided to let a blade kiss your skin? He's hurt you Y/N, he's hit you hasn't he? That's why sudden motions like the raising of a hand scares you, makes you jump, makes you tense up. Your parents are fucking morons for not noticing and if they do see it then they're no better than him for making you go through with it. I can protect you Y/N you just have to give me the chance, I'll never let him put a hand on you again. I don't want you to feel alone." "Junmyeon you're not supposed to care, you're not supposed to be like this. It just hurts even more." "I'm not walking away from you Y/N I know your scared. I know you think you can't handle it because of what he's done to you but give me a chance to prove to you that I'd never hurt you. Trust me baby girl, Junnie isn't going to let you fall back into that hell." "You don't have a choice." "Well I choose to fight for you even if you won't fight for yourself. I'm not letting him touch you again." You leaned into him, he was an idiot. He wasn't going to listen to you. He'd see how violent and uncontrollable Jackson was and he'd wish he'd never made these promises to you. You wished he wouldn't make these promises to you. It hurt too much to hope that he might actually keep his word. You expected the worst though, you expected him to leave. This was only temporary. The good things never stay. You could feel his hand rubbing at your scars while he kissed the back of your neck. "Let's go out today. On a date, I'll take you where ever you want to go." Junmyeon said. "Junmyeon." "Come on baby girl, where have you always wanted to go?" You sat there silent for a moment. "An amusement park." you finally said. "Really?" he asked. "I've never been to one before." "Okay. I think there's one near the boardwalk. Come on let's get cleaned up." he said. When he let you go and his warmth was gone, you felt a slight desperation to call him back to you. You stood up and headed to the bathroom instead. You heard your bedroom door click and you knew he'd gone out of the room.... Jackson's POV Three days had gone by and none of his men could find her. They kept an eye on her home but the only one going in and out was Junmyeon and they kept an eye out for her at her school but they got nothing. She had a knack for disappearing, he'd give her that but she knew better then to just leave when he already found her. He'd find her again, she just needed to stop running from him, she needed to listen to him, she just needed to like him and he'd stop doing all these things to her. She was hard headed and stubborn and that pissed him off. He wanted her so badly, he missed feeling her skin against his. Her hot body riding him as he made her call his name. He hated how much she drove him crazy. He'd called woman after woman to satisfy him while he tried to figure out how he'd find her. He still did it as he tried to figure out how to get her away from Junmyeon. It would've been easy to just have someone scare him away from her. Maybe shoot him or something but he wasn't a regular kid he came from a rich family so there was going to be some heavy investigating coming from his family. He could threaten Chanyeol, she seemed to care about him enough. "You know you never liked sharing your toys so I always had the habit of getting you new ones if anyone ever played with yours." His mother said. She walked in behind him, "I can always find a new girl for you." she said. "I don't want a new girl I want her." "Well you'll only continue to push her away, you'll make her terrified of you and she'll keep running away." "So what am I supposed to do? She's ignored me for three days. She hasn't gone home in three days, she's disappeared and I can't find her!" he yelled frustrated. He grabbed the vase and threw it at the wall. "Jackson calm down, you throwing a tantrum everytime she refuses you is the exact reason why she runs from you." his mother said all too used to his anger towards Y/N. She came to find out about it when he ranted about the scars on her stomach. She had been cutting herself when she was locking herself up in their guest bedroom. Her leaving wasn't necessarily a stupid decision but leaving him clueless had only made him worse. "Why should she run I'm not allowed to get angry and throw my own shit?" he said. He huffed and plopped down on his couch. His arm rested on his forehead, "I thought dad made that deal with her parents to make me happy but it seems all this girl does is piss me off. I don't know what I'm supposed to do with her if she refuses to listen to me." "Here's a thought, how about you respect her wishes. If she doesn't want you to touch her then don't, don't just go jumping her and claiming that since she's yours she has to do what you say." His mother stated arms crossed and leaning against the wall. He almost responded when he got a text from one of his men. A picture of her with Junmyeon walking around at the boardwalk was attached to the text. She looked excited with her arm wrapped around his like she was with Chanyeol. She was pointing at something with an excited smile and Junmyeon was looking at her while laughing. She looked...Happy. "Fuck!" he yelled. This time he picked up a glass and threw it at the wall near the door. His mother just blinked and looked at him annoyed because he had thrown it near her. He had flipped his glass table breaking it into pieces. He growled angry as he moved around the couch, "Why is it that something so simple makes her happy? Am I just not good enough for her? From day one I've tried to spoil her and giver her presents. Other girls would love it but she makes a face like this from walking around with him." he lashed out showing her the photo. She looked at the photo with a blank expression. "Well it's called an amusement park for a reason." she said almost monotone. "Is this really the time to be joking?" Jackson said pacing the floor livid. "She's ignoring my calls, she's running away, she's probably fucking three guys at the same time! She's nothing but a whore." "Watch your language Jackson, you're just upset that she's happy with someone else and not you." "She should've been happy with me when I had her!" "You're too rough Jackson. You always have been. Your father has trained you so well in manipulation and using force to get whatever you want that you don't even know what it means to gently caress a woman. Not all women want to be man handled they want to be escorted like ladies. They want to be treated like precious treasures not toys that once you're done with them you throw them away." "I wouldn't throw her away." he said shaking his head. "Then why are you trying so hard to break her? Do you remember how upset you were when she started locking herself away from you. You said it felt like the only time you saw her was when there was some big event going on and she had to come out of the room. She probably feels like all she is a to you is a trinket for you to flash around and that's what made her start cutting herself. The only reason you're even upset that she cut herself is because now you see her as damaged property." "I love her." Jackson said looking at his mother. His mother didn't seemed moved, she shook her head. "I do, she just-drives me crazy." "Because she's not giving you what you want? If I was her I wouldn't either. If this is how you love someone by treating them like an object I'd run away too. She has every right, as a human being, to want to get the hell away from you." "Mom." he said not believing she was talking to him like that. "The thing is she is still promised to you, both parties agreed to it so she is still your fiance, she can't just go and marry another man at least not without consulting the other parties." "Well she's not going to listen to me." he said. "I'll talk to her." his mother said. "You really think that'll work?" "No but can't say there's a lack of trying. However, you have to keep your hands off of her. Slapping her around and slamming her into things is a huge no no. If you continue to do it there's nothing I'll be able to do." she said. She tossed him his phone again, "I'll leave you to finish throwing your tantrum." she said. She turned around and walked out of the room. He doubted she could say anything to Y/N that would make her listen. He texted his men back, Jackson: Keep a close eye on her for now. Junmyeon's POV He didn't think she'd have so much fun at an amusement park. As long as she had been here, she hadn't been to one. He liked the excitement in her face when she saw the roller coasters zooming past so quickly. They shared a cotton candy together and somehow all of it had been enough of a distraction from the hell she was living in. He was glad he could ease it a bit. She had opened up a bit but it only confirmed his deepest worries. Jackson had a habit of hurting her in more than just an emotional way. She was scared of him and what he could do not just to her but the people around her. That's the reason she left, that's the reason she would crawl deeper within herself and if she allowed herself to feel then it was shallow and for brief moments. By the time they got home her happy smile had wiped away. She seemed to have spotted something in the crowd to set her off again. He couldn't pin point it and he was desperately trying to make her smile again like before He doubted she ever smiled like that in her life. She was back in her room getting ready for dinner with his parents and he couldn't help but wonder if he was pushing her to do too much for him. As much as he liked her, he didn't know if asking her to pretend to be his fiance was a good idea now. Had he known about this earlier he probably wouldn't have asked her. He was happy knowing he could get her to feel anything at all though. She said she didn't want to be happy which meant for a brief moment she was happy with him. It wasn't just a hollow feeling either and she was completely present when they had sex this morning. He was bringing her out of her world but he wouldn't free her from it until she was safe from Jackson. She was trying to ward him off and keep him from getting close because she knew at the end of their deal she had to go back to Jackson. Junmyeon had no intention of letting her go back to him though. He told her he wasn't ready for marriage and that wasn't a lie but he wasn't ready to just let her go and be with Jackson. He couldn't believe her parents would do something like that. Sure, his parents were pressuring him to get married but they weren't picking out a mate for him and he sure as hell wasn't abusing her. He tried to stop thinking about it but it only annoyed him further. How could he just abuse her like that? She said he couldn't defeat the devil, he could damn sure try. She didn't have to belong to anyone, Junmyeon wanted her to be his but he wouldn't treat like his possession he'd treat her like his girlfriend. Like his princess, no his queen. His sun and stars, he'd love her which is more than anyone else ever had. She didn't want to hear that he liked her, she didn't want him to get close. What Chanyeol said rang through his mind: What she knows is her happiness is temporary and her depression is forever. As long as people keep screwing her over she'll never completely trust anyone. The koi fish is swimming down to show how she views herself... Not strong enough to beat the current. She had no freedom in reality, she was just bending to the will of others. She followed what the world wanted instead of what she wanted because that's what was expected of her. To go against the world, to fight the current, took strength and courage that she didn't believe she had. It was always harder being yourself when yourself was different from what the world wanted you to be. So it was easier to conform and be accepted without much of a problem. However what people didn't see, what Jongin didn't see, what her parents didn't see, what Jackson didn't see but what Chanyeol and Junmyeon saw, was a girl breaking down on the inside and faking a smile on the outside because it took less muscles to smile than it did to frown. Admitting that she had a problem, admitting that she was upset and depressed and felt like the whole world was against her and making her become something she wasn't, something she didn't want to be, would only make it worse. She was being stabbed with a double edged sword it seemed. On one hand, she did as everyone liked and that earned her favor and attracted many people to her. On the other, she was battling depression and running away from an abuser because of her doing all of those things. She was living scared and with the knowledge that once everything was over she had to go back to it all. Chanyeol said she was fighting with all the strength she had left but Junmyeon had noticed it: anytime she saw Jackson, thought about him or if he asked about him, a little more of her strength was disappearing. He wanted so badly to give her his but even he was guilty to doing what was expected of him. Making up a story of being engaged to the girl that had dated his best friend but that he had a crush on for a few years. Still he'd fight for her to keep her safe from that monster. The doorknob to her bedroom made a click sound and she walked out, her hair in a side pony tale and her curls hanging on her shoulder. She wore a glittering champagne dress that had no straps, it slightly lifted her chest that he tried not to stare at. She had a black wrap around her shoulders and black heels. She had light neutral toned make up on, the way she did it made her cheek bones look slightly sharper to give her a more sophisticated look rather than the sweet bunny face she had. She looked beautiful, when Junmyeon stood up he couldn't help but stare at her. "Hi beautiful." He breathed. She smiled, "Let's go." Junmyeon held his arm out for her and led her out the door. Y/N's POV The day had been much better than you expected. Part of you expected to see Jackson show up out of nowhere to ruin it all but you hadn't seen him. Although, while you were at the amusement park you caught sight of the men that was with him when he stopped by Uni. You remembered they had guns and you got really nervous wondering what they were going to do. Jackson never showed up though; he probably sent them to look for you. Once they found you he probably made them stay on you. They probably knew where you two lived. It didn't matter, Jackson already knew where you lived. You expected something to happen, him to show up and make you give him your new number or have his goons point a gun at Junmyeon and make you beg to leave him alone. He'd probably make you leave him and go back to him. He hadn't made a move against Junmyeon though which you were surprised by. He must know about his family's influence and money so he was careful with him. That gave you some comfort, perhaps Junmyeon was safe but he knew about Chanyeol too and he definitely was not a problem to get rid of to Jackson. You honestly couldn't worry about it at the moment though. Junmyeon had led you out of the house on his arm so he could drive you to the restaurant: Château le More. It was where you two had your first date, as the story you two told his parents went. You arrived in the dark intimate atmosphere of the restaurant and we're seated at a table that seemed to be right in the middle of the restaurant. If that didn't make you feel like you were on display you didn't know what did. After giving a respectful bow to his parents, you sat down and you felt Junmyeon's hand slip around yours. He seemed to notice everything, especially how you got a little agitated by being in the open like that. His mother immediately started to talk to you asking how you felt. Junmyeon had said he told her you were sick and couldn't join her for shopping. She wanted to know if you felt any better, when she mentioned the idea of you being pregnant you choked on your wine. Junmyeon had to pat your back and help you recover. "Mom were not even married yet don't you think it's too early for the baby talk?" Junmyeon said. "He's right Jagiya they're still quite young." his father said. "My apologies I adore Y/N so much I think they'd have adorable children." she beamed. "Aish! Eomma!" Junmyeon sighed. She laughed and you couldn't hold back the smile from Junmyeon's exasperated expression. You smiled bigger at him when he turned to you and smiled. Your smile made him lean forward and press his forehead to yours. He closed his eyes and whispered against your lips, "I'm sorry." "She's just excited it's okay. Sit up though it isn't proper." you whispered back to him. Junmyeon smiled at you and sat up straight his hand was still locked with yours under the table. "They still seem to be in the honeymoon phase jagi." His father said. "I know it's so cute." His mother mused. You chuckled lightly at her expression. "That's because I like Y/N, she's my life." Junmyeon said taking a sip of his wine. You looked at him with a small smile and a cocked eyebrow. His mother caught your attention to talk to you again while his father listened in. You two talked while Junmyeon and his father chatted away, sometimes the conversations would loop together and you'd all join in and then they'd break apart again, especially after the waiter took your orders and when he brought your food out. By now, you were listening to his mother compliment the food. Then the voice you didn't want to hear interrupted the conversation. "Well my my, Y/N I didn't know you'd be having dinner here too." Your smile faded when you looked up at Jackson standing there in a well cut suit. His blonde hair groomed and slicked back with a bow tie around his neck. He looked like he should be singing at a cabaret. He smiled charmingly at you and his parents smiled up at him and asked him how he knew you. Your hand tightened around Junmyeon's. He had wrapped his hand around yours again under the table when he noticed Junmyeon. You could feel yourself slightly shaking. "I'm an old friend of Y/N's." he said. "Oh really! You should join us!" his mother said. You looked down at the table but you could hear the smile in his voice as he said, "I'd love to but I'm here with my mother. You remember today is her birthday right Y/N? If you don't have time to stop by the table you can always text her. She'd really appreciate it." His parents probably didn't recognize it because they didn't know him like you did but you heard the threat in his voice. "I'll send something later." You mumbled. "That would be nice. It's been such a long time since we spoke, you should give me your number so I can call you sometime. We can hang out and catch up on the past." Jackson said. "She's not going to be calling you." Junmyeon said The very territorial, very aggressive nature in his voice was too obvious. Junmyeon's mother quickly said, "Junmyeon where are your manners?" "They left when he showed up." Junmyeon said clearly upset. You put your free hand on his shoulder but kept distance when you were under Jackson's watchful eye. "Junmyeon. Myeonie look at me its okay. He's just a friend remember." you tried to coax him to calm down. "Your friend should recognize when he's not wanted." Junmyeon said. You saw Jackson's jaw clench then release when he smiled bigger. "It's alright Y/N I'm sure your fiance has a good reason to want to keep you from me. However, friends like us don't stay away from each other for very long." that threatening tone was a bit more obvious. He gave Junmyeon a glare through his smile. You cleared your throat standing up, "Excuse me for a moment I have to go to the ladies room." you said. You were shaking even more now. Shita Jackson was going to do something. He knew that Junmyeon knew about them now. It was easier when he thought Junmyeon was clueless about their history but he clearly showed he didn't like him. He was clearly protective of you and that glare Jackson gave Junmyeon had given you the signal that Jackson was ready to end him. "Fuck, fuck." you said beyond stressed. You were in the bathroom and you threw up, all the frustration or from the fact that your body was shaking so much that it had made you nauseous made you throw up. You went to the sink and splashed cool water on your face. You grabbed a paper towel and patted your face careful not to ruin the make up. Your make up was getting ruined anyway but not by the water you splashed on your face but the tears you started to shed. This was too much for you to handle you didn't want anything to happen to Junmyeon. What the hell as he doing here anyway? Still following you figured. "Fuck." you said broken. "Now that's hardly the appropriate language for a woman of your status to be using." You heard a familiar voice come from behind you and you turned around. "Mrs. Wang."
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ggggrrrrr Jackson. y do u have to such an ass for.
my chest tightened up so bad at the end. yes it was a long enough installment but kinda a cruel cliffhanger. so close to happiness... a part of me really hoped Jackson wouldn't show up at the dinner at least. is it really his mom's birthday. I suppose so, since they were together discussing me. can't wait till the next chapter, well I can and I will. *sits patiently*
oh my gawd
Momma Wang!!!!! I hope that she can help clear this up and let me live my life and be happy with Junmyeon!!!!!
Jackson better not think of touching Junmyeon or I'll shave his hair off!!! I just hope Mrs.Wang stays in my favor and helps mediate or something..