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Fairy❣Tail Crossovers Part 3✨

Alice in Wonderland

Artist - j-b0x

Attack on Titan

Artist - HRK, astrayeah Source - Pintrest

Game of Thrones

Artist - Carlos Nivela & sassylin

Wizard of Oz

Artist - Alina-chan

Fullmetal Alchemist

Artist - Hirokoji, Camielle Fellet & a-lax.xx

Adventure Time

Artist - hikumirin & Mindi-chan


Artist - harumishi

Spiderman & X-Men

Artist - Karokitten-chan


Artist - Xbebiian

Sailor Moon

Artist - astasso

How to Train Your Dragneel

Artist - HeartandVoice


Artist - Semi-Ordinary


Artist - Kkumri

Seven Deadly Sins

Artist - Leon S. & kkumri (Guess I'm not the only one who thinks they're brothers!)

Harry Potter

Artist - eruzayne

The Book of Life

Artist - ScarletxMoonx0

Star Wars

Artist - Vanessa-chan8 & hejmdal

Corpse Bride

Artist - Chsabina

Prince of Persia

Artist - Karola2712

That 70's Show

Artist - steam-of-ed
I like the Corpse Bride one! that's actually pretty close to what the movie looks like lol
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@NicoNicoNii That one is my favorite too! It's so smooth and nicely colored!💙
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@alexcattura I love the art work Tim Burton put the time and effort into making it
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omg lol these are so good
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