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Our favorite screenshot game is back again thanks to the awesome @AimeBolanos give it a shot if you haven't already! Here are my results below!
My girlfriend is the beautiful Eto!♡♡♡ She's my 2nd favorite girl of the show behind Rise-senpai of course!
My best friend is Nishiki, he may come off as a dick but he's cool as hell!
Sweet! I'm a one-eyed-ghoul!! Just what I wanted to be!
And even though I'm a ghoul who's surrounded by ghouls I work with the humans to exterminate them all...I hope Eto doesn't get mad and leave me!
And I got this badass Kagune! Forgot what it's called but it's cool!
Well that's that! Can't wait for the next one to come out! I'm personally hoping it's a Steins;Gate one! not sure how that'd work but it would be cool! @hikaymm @otakudemon10 @SAMURXAI