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Que tal peeps!

This is your favorite chica Jessamine aka @amobts bringing you another weekly Kfashion trend card. Believe it or not Autumn will be knocking on your door really. This is my favorite season and my favorite fashion season. It will be time to pack away some of your summer clothes. I like to plan ahead and think what my style for each season would be like, so I can grab things that may be on sale right now.

Besos and Blessings up!

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Writer Jessamine aka @amobts

Fall Beauty Trend Lookbook

I will admit Chriselle has a very high end posh style. However, you can get some ideas from the colors and some of the outfits that she put together.

Quick Autumn Fashion Guidelines

1. In the autumn you will see more browns, caramel, and ivory colors. 2. This is the season for bomber leather jackets. 3. You will see soft cute sweaters. This is definitely cute light sweater weather. 4. You will see many colors paired with darker denim. 5. You will also see more warm tones such as golds, burgundy burnt oranges, and forest greens. Basically anything that resemble autumn leaves. 6. Neutral colors are in style too. These would be your nude colors. Side note: I kept thinking about "Autumn Leaves" by BTS.

Autumn 1

Okay peeps this is just an example following the tips I gave you above. You can always switch it up to fit your style. I know some of you all may not like wearing heels. Additionally, many of the pieces featured in here maybe too expensive for the majority of people. However, you can always find items that fit your budget that look very similar to these items. Source

Autumn 2

The stars of this look are the boots and the bomber leather jacket. These 2 items will definitely be something to have in your closet. These colors scream Autumn! Source

Autumn Look 3

This is more so my natural style. I love leggings, boots, and oversized sweatshirts! This is more so for my peeps in school or colleagues or peeps who just want to look cute without effort. This is definitely something I would rock on the weekends. Source

Affordable Clothing

Peeps, I know money does not grow in trees. However below I have some websites of stores that carry cute affordable clothing. You can stock up on your Autumn clothing from these stores. If they are not in your city just hop online! Yesstyle Torrid Rainbow gslovesme All sites carry a variety of sizes. Yesstyle does carry plus sizes. However, Rainbow, Torrid, and gslovesme is known for carrying plus sizes. They carry sizes up to 3x (American sizes). I can say Yesstyle does carry clothing for the while family. The other three are specifically for women's fashion, but Rainbow does carry clothing for children.