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I Hate Life #ranting I'm miserable and I hate life. Why can't I see what others see? I strive like others do. I don't give up while others do. I fail but I try again. I don't take the easy way out, I challenge myself to better myself. I pursue my dreams and my goals. I care for others, I want them to be happy & healthy. I don't want them to be in pain or hurt. I protect. But deep inside I hate life, I hate my life And what would make me the happiest, Is when or if I die. But I can't die just yet because someone is dependent on me. And here is where people don't get, I seem to be in the wrong; to want not to live. At the same time I dont get people: People who keep fighting, and are happy even when they're struggling. Even if the struggle is for nothing because they too will die. Things that we leave behind are: memories; they fade, our name; they change, money, or inheritance; they run out if we build something, made something, created something; it perishes. Whatever we leave behind will ultimately die. or forgotten. Like our lives. So what's the purpose... To go against, to struggle, to fight the battle of life? I hate life and its people.
This is happening to me all the time
A beautiful poem
thank you
Our primary purpose as humans, aside from multiplying, is to consume. Faster and faster, we want it now but tomorrow won't arrive soon enough and yesterday passed us by as we foolishly blinked our third blind eye. No time for now - it's time to die.
Benefits of society.