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Jin was taking a shower and smiling as he kept thinking of Namjoon. Namjoon was waiting for Jin to finish getting ready, while the other members got ready too. In the shower, Jin was thinking of how Namjoon has made him so happy. Jin smiles as he remembers when Namjoon first confessed his love to him. "Love last forever," Jin said as he finished washing his hair and body. Hoseok was helping Yoongi pick out an outfit. Taehyung, Jimin, and Jungkook were joking around about how they each got ready. Jin stepped out of the shower, his blonde hair dripping wet droplets onto his chest and back. Namjoon walked in the room and saw Jin getting ready. He smiled and hugged Jin. Jin was startled by the feeling of Namjoon's warmth up against his cold wet body. Jin smiled and kissed Namjoon. "Hurry and get ready," Namjoon said as he stepped out of the room. Hoseok was tying his shoes and Yoongi was fixing his hair. Taehyung and Jungkook were taking pictures together, while making sure they looked good enough. Jimin was goofing around and listening to music. Jin stepped out of the room and smiled, "let's go!" The members smiled and laughed as they all walked out of the dorm. They all planned to go out tonight as a day of relaxation and fun.
Jin and Namjoon were smiling together, while the other members messed around and joked about how they each took so long. Soon they were all talking to each other, laughing and smiling so much. They stopped by a restaurant and ate a whole bunch of food. Jungkook and Taehyung were eating all the meat. Jimin and Yoongi were sharing their food with each other, and joking about it. Hoseok was laughing at Yoongi. Jin was eating chicken, of course, he shared some with Namjoon. Namjoon smiled, "Jin after this I want to take you somewhere." Almost 2 hours after they finished their food, Namjoon told the members to go on ahead to the dorm where they were gonna play games. Jin was a bit nervous. Namjoon grabbed Jin's hand, "come on you'll like it there." The two of them rushed off to the secret date that Namjoon had planned, with the help of the other members. The other members hadn't gone off to the dorm. Namjoon planned for them all to meet them at the secret location of the date. Jin looked around as he saw beautiful flower pedals set across their dance studio. "Are we going to practice some sexual dance," Jin said as he chuckled a bit. Namjoon was no longer standing next to Jin. Jin looked around, the lights went off. Jin could hear the cheerful laughs of the other members, especially Jungkook's. They turned on the lights and cheered, "surprise!" Jin was a bit startled, but he laughed it off. Namjoon smiled and gave Jin a card that read, "for all the stressing you've done because of the cheography." Jin laughed and hugged Namjoon. Namjoon smiled and the rest of the members joined the hug. Hoseok cheered and laughed, while jumping up and down. Yoongi laughed, while Jimin smiled. Taehyung and Jungkook were being little goofballs, while cheering.
Jin was smiling at all the members. Namjoon was proud of them. Jimin and Jungkook brought out a cake as a celebration to all their hard work. Namjoon laughed and Yoongi jumped up and down. They all sat down and talked with each other. Being proud of all their hard work this era. Namjoon hugged Jin close. Jin kissed Namjoon's cheek. Late that same night, the members were relaxing in the living room together, not being able to sleep. They all were messing around on their phones and joking about how this era was. "Jin I love you don't forget that ever, " Namjoon said as he kissed Jin deeply on his soft pink lips. Jin blushed and smiled, "Namjoon what makes you think I will forget the most beautiful moment in life?" Namjoon began to cry and smiled as he hugged Jin close. "Love last forever," Namjoon said to Jin as they both smiled and kissed each other. All the members cheered and smiled. Hoseok looked at Yoongi, "we all knew they would fall in love, maybe you and Jimin can hit it off Yoongi." Yoongi laughed, "maybe." "Love last forever, " all the members shouted and cheered that one single phrase, as they all hugged each other.

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