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This is your favorite chica Jessamine aka @amobts bringing you another weekly Kbeauty makeup card. As you know it is my duty to help my beauty peeps stay updated with current Kbeauty trends. I came across this article about the new Kbeauty trends of 2016 and the Kbeauty trends that are no longer popular. This article was very interesting. I will only share a few that Kbeauty blogger Kristen Juliet Soh mentioned in her article. However, you can click on the link below to check out the full article. Source

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Writer Jessamine aka @amobts

No More Dewey Look

According to Kbeauty blogger Kristen Juliet Soh Kbeauty is saying annyeong (goodbye) to this once popular trend in KBeauty. Matte is what's hot now in KBeauty. However, the matte look in KBeauty is slightly different than matte in Western makeup. "However, instead of the traditional matte look that can seem cakey, this new definition of matte complexion emphasises on exuding the appearance of skin that’s hydrated on the inside, but matte on the outside" (Soh, 2016). So basically Kbeauty is no longer going for the wet look as you may have seen many Kpop stars rock in 2015. The new trend is having natural hydrated skin. Soh suggestion that in order to achieve this look don't rely solely on foundations. This is when your skincare magic kicks in. You want to focus on your skincare routine and invest in skincare products. As for makeup you should look into buying more powders versus creme foundations (Soh, 2016).

No more puppy eyes

Lock up the puppies and let out the cats! The puppy eyes was a popular Kbeauty trend. This is when you flicked your eyeliner down instead of up. The cat eye is very popular in Western makeup. However, don't expect the Korean cat eye too look exactly like the Western cat eye. "The cat eyes look will dominate the Korean makeup trends in 2016. However, don’t expect to see fierce feline flicks. Instead, the cat eyes you’ll see are subtle, with just a small peak at the end of the lash line. The lines will also not be long" (Soh, 2016).

No more straight brows

What hold up! Are you serious? I had to clutch my pearls when I read this. Straight brows has been one of the most iconic or popular trend for Kbeauty. Soh says that in 2016 Kbeauty will embrace a more rounded soft eyebrow look. "Korean makeup still wouldn’t be embracing the high-arched brows that the Westerners prefer. In 2016, Koreans will abandon the straight brow look and favour a more rounded shape. The rounder-shaped brows will make features look more feminine and delicate than before" (Soh, 2016).

No more vivid lips

As you may know the gradient lip and and neon lip colors were popular in 2015. "Instead of thick, luscious lips, the trend next year will feature moisturised lips that look thinner, dressed in bright lip colours that aren’t neon" (Soh, 2016). Honestly, I don't know about this. I still see Kpop stars and Kbeauty makeup artists still rocking the gradient look. But I have seen some people going for the moisturized lip with a flushed of color. Maybe people have mixed feelings about letting go of the gradient lip trend.
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