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So in a recent interview they had asked Kyungsoo if he feels like he has changed physically and this is what he said!!!

Predebut vs. 2016

2015 vs. 2016

Atleast the first comparison was four years apart...this difference was only a year!!!
Young man have you seen yourself in a mirror...
I guess he's just gotten used to the change over the years, he doesn't notice it. But yea, he's filled out more and looks more mature then when he did in his predebut picture
I agree! He carries himself with more confidence now. Yay! Does that make sense?
he's so beautiful
From a boy to a man. What a difference a year can make!
lowkey I'm still waiting for that last wave of puberty to make me cute. if he can do it so can I. not that he wasn't already cute.
Boi be sellin sunshine... He so fine. He's actually changed so much, like has he not diced looked in the mirror and said "ah, my jawline is extremely prominent now"
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