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Girlfriend: Touka I love everything about Touka.
Bestfriend: Kaneki He's the best person to be friends with.
My Race: Half Ghoul I'm going with half ghoul because they are stronger than full ghouls and I'd love having two different color eyes.
My Powers: I'd be very happy to have Hinamis powers she's got the best power to me it's a good balance of offense and defense.
I was tagged by @blackdragon88 and i felt like this was worth posting
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@JacobRivas Lol, did you choose, or use the randomizer?
a year ago·Reply
I choose I didn't know there was a randomizer
a year ago·Reply
@JacobRivas Yea, I suppose I should have mentioned so in my card.
a year ago·Reply
@BlackDragon88 I'm not tagged on alot of things others do such as waifu Wendsday but I still do some if I find it interesting enough
a year ago·Reply
@JacobRivas Yea, OtakuDemon is usually the one who tags me in games. I only do some, but they are rather fun.
a year ago·Reply