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Did you know that with magnets and liquid nitrogen, it is possible to make certain materials levitate? This is a phenomenon called "Quantum Trapping". Although the science is really complicated, basically the magnetic field becomes locked inside the superconducting disk, and suspends the disk within the magnetic field.
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I used to volunteer at the science department all the time, just so i could play with this. hahaha
4 years ago·Reply
@yinofyang yea I really love science haha I wish there was a science interest though
4 years ago·Reply
@BlackMage Ah, lucky! I bet you had a lot of fun. :D No worries, I've already asked Vingle if they can create a party for science. (^^)
4 years ago·Reply
@yinofyang science party haha sounds so nerdy~
4 years ago·Reply
@BlackMage Yep, nerdy. And wonderful. ;-)
4 years ago·Reply