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This is not ok. J-hope tries really hard for ARMY's and I know it's not all ARMY's but the ones that are doing this should stop and appreciate all the members, treat them like they should be treated. Because with even one less member it wouldn't be the BTS that we love. ( sorry for the short rant) so here's a Hobie spam
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definitely not fair to sweet precious hobi i seriously love him soooooooooo Muchhhh it breaks me from inside to think how he must have felt after leaving his photos with jimin nd just completely leaving live broadcast ppl can be really rude Sometimes it scares me to the fact that he really won't even do a vlive by himself again Saranghhae hobi I really LOVE Youuuuu ❤❤❤ Lots
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I felt bad for him too when he left...I skipped through the rest of he video to see if he was coming back😢 I feel like this is why namjoon does not do solo videos too and only promotion ones
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I agree with this like seriously I wanted Hoseok time and it was cut....I like Jimin and all but..ok I like them all but when one does a vlive I get excited. doesn't matter who It is I wish people would stop doing this.
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he's a ray of sunshine and a happy bundle of joy all in one it's too much ^o^ makes me laugh or smile each time!
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I was so sad that jhope did continue the v live 😔 like i barely see him post or anything because some people are always like asking for the maknae line on twitter too /:
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