2 years ago1,000+ Views J-hope tries really hard for ARMY's and I know it's not all ARMY's but the ones that are doing this should stop and appreciate all the members, treat them like they should be treated. Because with even one less member it wouldn't be the BTS that we love. ( sorry for the short rant) so here's a Hobie spam
I agree with this like seriously I wanted Hoseok time and it was cut....I like Jimin and all but..ok I like them all but when one does a vlive I get excited. doesn't matter who It is I wish people would stop doing this.
someone should start a hash tag campaign to support him... I don't want him sad.
damn I wish I was on. I'd have spamed him with love not that it would have changed anything. Why can't people love all the boys? He isn't my bias but BTS isn't BTS without him. He is sunshine and everybody should love sunshine.
@EverieMisfit i was wondering what he was saying but hadn't a chance to look back at it!! my poor Hobi! How dare these basic ass broads ask where the other members are! Hobi is here now thats what's important! APPRECIATE HIM. if he said he had something prepared for us then we should sit down, shut up, and watch the beautiful sunshine that is Hobi. if they're so pressed to see other members there's this new invention CALLED GOOGLE
I felt bad for him too when he left...I skipped through the rest of he video to see if he was coming back😢 I feel like this is why namjoon does not do solo videos too and only promotion ones
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