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Learn great Pick-up line!!! from ↝KDrama↜
Let↝Yoon Doo-Joon↜show you how to impressed a girl(boy).
By saying the "right" words at the "right" moment.
Here comes the "greatest words" that you can say to the girl(boy) that you fall in love with!!!
And the response from her(him) will be so "passionate"!!!!
Here comes your great success for getting a "2nd date"!!!!
Which drama is this from?
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@lovetop thanks
a year ago
I watched the first season of "Let's Eat" but I haven't seen this one yet. It already looks cuter than the first season's pairing. =)
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This is from Let's Eat 2 back in 2015. Doo-Joon is so cute in this!!!!
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