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A/N: Alright you guys I am planning on ending this series and just focus on the oneshots I have in mind or maybe another series but I am still deciding on it :o. But expect some parts that seem rushed or intense. Also I apologize for the inactiveness. I have been working nonstop but I finally had a day off so I am able to write a couple chapters and I will be posting them all. Hope you guys enjoy <3 !
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I clicked my tongue as Kurumi got into the car with Hoseok. Why did it suddenly bother me so much? It's probably because I hated Hoseok. Always mocking me. Always thinking that I am inferior to him because of his so called skills. But I knew that Namjoon, Yoongi and I combined were far superior to him. But for some reason he is the only one who was not fazed by our raising power. I'll make sure that the next time I see him it will be him begging to me. I smiled at the thought of the Prince of Seoul begging on his knees in front of me. My thoughts were interrupted by a sudden ringing of my phone. I looked at the screen and I sighed getting more irritated than I already was,"What?" I heard Namjoon chuckle in the background,"Woah. Woah. Relax." I sighed,"Sorry, just a little irritated...just had an encounter with the Prince of Seoul himself." There was a silence,"And?" I thought for a second whether I was going to let them know about Kurumi's attitude,"He revealed my identity to Kurumi...our little friend is no longer a friend." I heard some glass shattering,"Fuck!" Namjoon was mad and that was never good for anything. Yoongi and I know that the best. "Jimin..." His deep voice sent chills down my back. He sounded as if though he can murder a person,"Find a weakness, anything on Hoseok...I think playing fairly just isn't cutting it anymore. It's time for some...extra help." I chuckled,"Alright I'm on it." I quickly hung up the phone and dialed a number,"Hey Jooheon it's me. Yeah Jimin. I need your help with something."
"Hey Kurumi why don't you come in here and help us with our routine?" I looked up at my upperclassmen. I was skeptical but this was a way for me to finally fit in. It's hard for me to but I know I can do it. I quickly followed them into a room. It was dark and I could barely see the only thing that I can tell about the room was the lingering smell of disinfectant. Was this room once used as a nurse's office? Then I suddenly felt someone hold me down. I tried to scream but they covered my mouth with something. I felt dizzy and my vision began to blur. I felt fingers crawling through my body and before I knew it I blacked out. When I finally regained consciousness I heard footsteps leaving, a mixture of laughing from girls and boys, and my whole body felt sore and in pain. When they all left I then realized that I was sitting there in the dark room with nothing on, my clothes scattered everywhere. I cried as I reached for my clothes, realizing what had just happened. But why? What have I done to them?
"Ms. Kurumi, you're really lat--" I interrupted Satoshi as I clenched my skirt,"I'm not dancing anymore, throw away all my dance gear." I then got into the car without even looking at Satoshi. I tried not to cry. The minute we got home I ran into the bath and scrubbed my body. I scrubbed until I was no longer able to feel their hands on me. Until I felt clean. My crying being drowned by the sound of the shower stream.
The next day I thought I was safe but the girls continued to bully me, telling me that if I don't comply with their wishes they will post the video online. I wasn't even sure if they took videos but I wasn't going to take chances. Father would be so embarrassed if he found out. The boys continued to harass me and I had no choice. 3 months has passed and the bullying got worse. The boys from then had lost interest but the girls had found new ways to torture me. And left me with no choice but to obey. But I couldn't do it anymore. I was scared to tell my father. There was no way I could tell my father anything. His pride would be shattered to pieces. I was to afraid to do anything. If I do something they'll post the pictures and video online. There was only one solution. I laid there in the bathtub with a blade in one hand. My eyes blurred from the tears as the blade split my wrist in half and bright red blood began to spurt out. I heard a loud scream before I blacked out.
I woke up breathless almost as if though I was suffocated. What kind of dream was that? No. It wasn't a dream it was all to real. I looked at my phone the bright screen blinding me. I dialed Kanna's number but it went directly to voicemail. I then started to feel fingers crawling throughout my whole body. It wasn't a dream. I can still feel their fingers on me. I can still feel them touching me. I can still feel them. I can still see them. I can still hear them. I screamed as I covered my ears trying to block out the laughing, groaning and mocking. There was no use they were all engraved in my head. "No! Stay away! No more please...! Get away from me!" I felt a tight embrace as I tried to break free I felt someone petting my head,"Shh...Kurumi calm down. It's me Hoseok..." He repeated as he wiped the tears off my face. That name felt familiar. His touch felt familiar. "Ho-Hoseokie...?" I heard him gulp,"Yeah, calm down okay Mi Mi..." I nodded as released me. I looked around and I saw Jin and Sooyung both with a worried and confused expression. I remembered now. After the dinner Hoseok had proposed a trip to Jeju and we all agreed."Mi Mi why don't you go and take a shower to calm yourself..." I nodded.
I got into the shower and I scrubbed my skin. I scrubbed until it started to hurt but I still felt dirty. I realized no matter how much I felt dirty, I will never feel clean. When I got out I saw a glimpse of myself in the mirror. "Kurumi I came to check in on you." I jumped up as I talked to Sooyung from across the door,"Y-Yeah I'll be out."
I heard a sudden scream from Kurumi's room and before I knew it when I tried to approach her she'd beg me to stay away. I knew that her memories had come back. I knew because she acted this way in the hospital. I then got a grip on her wrist and pulled her into a tight embrace and whilst petting her head I tried to soothe her,"Shh...Kurumi calm down. It's me Hoseok." Jin and Sooyung then came into the room as I was wiping her tears,"Ho-Hoseokie...?" This is what I feared the most. The Kurumi that was supposed to be buried deep inside her had risen to the surface. I swallowed hard thinking whether this was a good idea but before I knew it I opened my mouth,"Yeah, calm down okay Mi Mi?" She then nodded as I released her. She was still as obedient as ever. She looked confused as she looked around and noticed Jin and Sooyung,"Mi Mi why don't you go and take a shower to calm yourself..." She then nodded and headed for the showers.
"What the fuck is going on Hoseok?" I sighed as I looked at a confused Jin and Sooyung. I decided to reveal everything to them. From my summer with Kurumi to Kurumi's situation and suicide attempt. Sooyung covered her mouth from the shock,"To think a child like her had to go through that...Her father took the rightful actions." I looked down running my fingers through my hair, "Sooyung can you go check on her please..."
"What do we do now?" I sighed shaking my head,"I have no idea Jin...my plan was to protect her but I didn't think she'd skip this many days of her shots..." Jin bit his lip,"Let's just resume it. I'm sure she'll love to forg--" Kurumi then came out with Sooyung interrupting Jin,"I don't want to forget anything at all...I don't want to forget Hoseok or Dawon...so please let me remember I promise I won't do it again..." She looked down,"I was a dumb kid...I am smarter now..." I noticed the redness of her skin so I approached her and she flinched as I grabbed her arm. I had no idea if it was pain or fear but I put up her long sleeves and I saw her skin had gotten red and there were scratch marks all over her arm."I can't allow this Mi Mi you're already hurting yourself..." She bit her lip,"Please Hoseokie...I hate needles and the way the medicine hurts my head." I cupped her cheeks in my hands,"Okay but Kurumi promise you won't ever hurt yourself..." She held my hands and looked up nodding,"I promise." I don't know why but I felt relieved when she was finally able to remember me. It's like deep inside I was really hoping for her to remember me. But why?
I looked at Dawon who smiled,"What's wrong Hoseok excited to meet up with your first love?" She giggled teasing me while poking me. I rolled my eyes at her remark,"I only see Kurumi as my sister" She giggled,"Okaaay." I rolled my eyes, "Whatever. Why do you think she stopped writing to us?" I said as I gripped the box with her letters in it. My sister shrugged,"Maybe she found someone better Hoseok." I rolled my eyes,"She's 10 like you, but I guess she was always more mature than you considering you're still at the phase where you tease me about girls." She stuck her tongue out as we arrived at the meeting place."Alright guys just be careful okay? Hoseok call me if anything happens." I nodded at my mother and watched her drive away.
We waited for maybe an hour or two before I realized she wasn't coming anymore. "Let's just go Dawon. She's not coming. Maybe she had already forgotten." Dawon looked down,"You think she hates us?" I petted Dawon's head as I felt a pang in my chest."Let's just go." I then went ahead and called my mom,"How was it is? Did you guys have fun?" Dawon pouted and looked out the window and I looked at my mom,"She didn't show up. We waited for more than an hour already so I thought it was best for us to leave." Why did she do this to us? Just cutting us off in her life like that. When we got home I went in my room and I looked at the letters rereading them. I then went to the backyard and lit the letters on fire. I guess I was the only idiot who had thought that she treasured our friendship as much as I did.
I looked at the sleeping Kurumi on my lap. I remember now. Before I met Sooyung I had loved Kurumi. But did I just use Sooyung as an excuse to get over Kurumi? I had fallen in love with Kurumi but I had always tried my best to forget her. Sooyung just happened to be nearby so is that why I had "fallen in love" with Sooyung. I sighed as I petted Kurumi running my fingers through her hair,"I'm sorry...I hated you all these years for hurting me but you were hurting even greater..." Jin then came in,"Hobi, the food is ready if you guys want to eat." I nodded,"Thanks, Jin I'm sorry..." Jin looked at me confused,"This whole time I stopped you and Sooyung from being together..." He smiled,"It's fine Hobi, you love Sooyung so we really couldn't do anything." I shook my head," I realize that I didn't...I was just trying to get over my first love who broke my heart..." He looked at Kurumi,"Was it her?" I nodded as I woke Kurumi up,"Mi Mi breakfast is ready..." She woke up giving Jin and I a groggy smile,"Sorry I fell asleep on you..." I smiled and shook my head,"It's okay."
We began eating the breakfast prepared by Sooyung and Jin,"This is really good you guys." Sooyung then gave a gentle smile towards Kurumi."I'm glad you like it."
I opened the email that I had gotten from Jooheon. I smiled at the contents of the email. From the research I have done Hoseok's most important person isn't Sooyung but a childhood friend who happened to be our girl of the hour, Kurumi. But who knew something gold like this would have popped up. A scandal this big can also take down Sagasawa Corporations. I am almost positive that Hoseok will do anything we want if we threaten to release these. Sorry Kurumi but you are a sacrifice needed to make all of Seoul ours. I forwarded the email to Namjoon.
Not an hour later my phone rang,"Hello. Jiminnie here." I heard Yoongi and Namjoon laughing,"You're a genius Jimin. I feel bad for Kurumi but this is perfect go right ahead and email him our demands and attach these files to it." I chuckled,"Do you think I am dumb of course I have already I just need your order and I'll send it." Namjoon chuckled,"Go ahead and send it." I hovered the mouse over the send button and clicked on it,"Done." I can hear more lauhing,"No we just wait call us for any updates okay?" I looked at my computer,"Of course." I said as I hung up. Sorry Kurumi. But we need to reach the top.

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