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I don't know if some of you exo-l's still hate him or what but damn my boy is flying high. So high. He's gotten awards for his movies. He's worked with American model Kendal Jenner. He's got his music too. He's doing an upcoming movie called xxx: the return of Xander Cage with Ruby Rose and Vin Diesel. He has like tons of movies that are coming out in 2016 that his fans like me are waiting for. I never really knew exo much but by the time kris was about to leave that's when I got into exo. I got sad because when I'm about to join someone is leaving which isn't cool because when you join you want to know everyone. I'm not trying to hate on exo-l's because I am one too but to those who can't stand to support kris and even luhan and Tao I am really disappointed. They said they are one which means even if they aren't together the are still one. Every ot12 moment will always be remembered because they created together. They are one. Exo saranghae
how can you not love Yifan? that boy is hilarious. He is great! I've been so excited for the new XXX ever since I heard about it months ago. But honestly I love all of the boys and I support and adore each and every one of them.
I know me to I have keeping up to date with everything on that and I when I saw Kris was in it I had a like a huge fan girl attack
I never met an EXO-L who hated Kris, Tao, or Luhan and I hope I never do because like you said they will forever be one. And yesss I recently saw Kris' movie trailer in the theaters!!!
I support him and my youngest has always favored him when he was in Exo and continues to adore him in his movies and loves his solo stuff
i love them all nd will always do they are all my precious boys they all mean soooooooooo much to mee nd hell yeah i love wu yi fan soooooooooo muchhhh lols he got me into exo lols i respect his decisions nd yes he us truly slaying i am soooooooooo proud of him nd yess i am so excited for this movie fighting kris ❤👌😉
Well that's one movie I plan on seeing.... @exoexo
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