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We all have those Favorite characters in anime so hear are mine in a collage and I shall explain why as well :) let's get started
1. Lucy Heartfilia Fairy Tail: I love Lucy because she's part of an elite group of seemingly useless because of hotness but there's a bad ass underneath club. I understand the need for an attractive female c'mon Orihime has more than "healing'' going on for her but Lucy is an asset on and off the battlefield. 2. Roronoa Zoro One Piece: The bad ass Samurai, Zoro is a beast that came on the scene early on, and time and time again he beats out his competition. But the thing I love about Zoro is his to the death loyalty he has for Luffy especially considering how they teamed up. Zoro is a character that goes past being my favorite for cool reasons he's earned my respect. 3. Alibaba Saluja Magi: Alibaba is the type of character that shows you can have a deep interesting back story that doesn't have to take away from who you are. Instead it can add to who you already are established as and further your character development seeing as the choices made will be reflected off of experience gained from the past. Alibaba is a strong standing character that gets development, build, and use done all correctly something I love and appreciate...also the Amon's sword is bad ass like super bad ass and after (SPOILER) Alibaba truly shines. 4. Rei Shingetsu Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal 2nd: Shingetsu is my dream character for any and ALL characters I would love for more characters to be like him (some are). When Zexal 2nd started I instantly picked him as my favorite character in the series, luckily I was right. He had a perfect build up to his true motives but even when he does reveal them he just sticks to his guns like he pulled off a mask and was finally free to be who he was. I loved LOVED how he stayed true to who he was even in his backstory his character is the EXACT same never changing for a beat. Like holy shit k (SPOILER skip to 5) EVEN IN DEATH he acted the EXACT SAME this plus the tear filled smile he had broke me down more than I have ever been broken before I cried for hours and still cry every single time I see that smile that reminds me of who he is and what he accomplished. 5. Fumina Hoshino Gundam Build Fighter Try: Upon first look immediately I was like "k typical big jugs female, can't do much/average, probably thinks she's hot shit, and will defy logic to pull out a win/beat the odds" luckily I was wrong. Fumina actually holds her own beating some really tough competition and plays her role perfectly instead of trying to be something she's not, she plays to her strengths and pushes her limitations something rarely seen in a character female or otherwise. 6. Gon Freecs Hunter x Hunter: I recently started Hunter x Hunter about 5 days ago and now I'm on season 5 so I think I have a fair guestimate when I say I like me some Gon. Gon at first I thought was meant to be Izuku Midoriya punching bag version, big dreams but instead of not doing anything he gets his ass beat....by everything.....and everyone. As I've gotten deeper into the anime I understand there's a method to the madness Gon does what he wants because he's as he's said he's being selfish so he does have the right to do whatever he wants which makes sense and when he does have a strategy he follows it makes for some glorious content. 7. Nyanta Log Horizon: Why....Nyah.... that's why xD no seriously Nyanta is versatile being a member of a legendary party he unlocked one of the world's biggest secrets which helped literally everyone...no no no I mean EVERYONE in the game which advanced the world in a way that even surprised the NPC's. Nyanta can cook, fight, and is there as a voice of reason but not really to tell you what to do more so to guide you. and yeah Nyah :3 it's just really fun to do. 8. Shikimaru Nara Naruto: Shikimaru is not only my favorite character from both the Original and Shippuden he's the last light of what Naruto was vs what it turned into. Shikimaru will always have that lazy persona to him but he's as deadly as they come, utilizing everything in his arsenal Shikimaru can find the best outcome to any situation. Amongst those of the Naruto branching paths and characters Shikimaru has stayed as quit witted and technical as the moment he first showed off his jutsu. This plus the bad ass jutsu will keep Shikimaru at my top spot for any Naruto character....ya know unless Shikidai does something really cool...which he did... just saying. 9. Ichigo Kurosaki Bleach: Oh Bleach how I love thee let me count the ways. Ichigo has to be my favorite because of his character, journey, and results. Ichigo started as a no nothing soul reaper bit with some training he gains extensive knowledge in utilizing his Zanpakuto as well as how to unleash it's Bankai. Eventually performing actions as a substitute soul reaper going from the human world to soul society to hueco Mundo (arc wise) to fighting for the sake of the Gotei 13. Ichigo's journey and everything he went through make Ichigo a compelling character, and that ending ain't half bad either. 10. Mako Mankanshoku Kill La Kill: Mako is the definitive example of how a side character can bring an anime to life. Whenever there's a huge fight or a depressing scene happens, Mako is there not as just Comedy relief but more so how a character would actually react to a situation...maybe not as flamboyantly but ya know. Mako is a grounded character who has realistic feelings and isn't just an illogical character who's hyper active for no reason. She cares about her friends and family and this is shown many a time, at times she steals the show because of it. I love Mako and I hope I can see another character like her someday.
Well that took far longer than expected, had a few crashes but perseverance was the key. I've seen some cards about this and apparently you can opt out on the explanation as to WHY your favorite characters are your favorite but I like adding more to my cards and I think it adds an extra oomph inside your psyche so others can understand why you feel the way you do. Well anyways I hope you enjoyed the card I don't know who originally started it but if you happen to know please tag them I'd appreciate it :3
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