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Ding Jiayu who is madly in love with photography trying to be an assistant in Yanzhao's photography studio. But, her physical appearance makes trouble for her to do a hard job. And secretly she has a big secret... ------------------------------------------- I really love this manhua. And I really in love with Yanzhao (or Julianno?). Their love is my goals of relationship. They separated and didn't declare their relationship yet their love, but they kept promise to each other. They're so sweet and funny xD Yea, I know their age difference is too much. But forgive me, I love pedophile story as much as I love incest story xD (lol) If you like pedophile story, read this. Believe me. Rating: 7.5/10
Question of The Day

"How Old Are You?"

Mine: 20 xD (Yea I'm so old u.u)
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whats their age difference??? 😰
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everyone thought he was a pedophile (even its true and he admits it later xD lol) Nana? what is it?