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Is there a research somewhere that shows bigger is better?...
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Holy shit. Why do men keep portraying us like this? A woman would freaking topple over and have chronic back problems if her chest was actually that big.
@yinofyang Nope. Not magicians.
@yinofyang yeah... it's really stupid :/ It really doesn't help out with the whole stereotype against male gamers too
@BRNKNG Lol. You're not? Not even wizards, eh? :P @nshen1 Eh, it is what it is. Some developers are changing things, but for the majority, it's not surprising. .
@yinofyang Hahaaa well, what I meant was....she wouldn't topple over. Because....'cause of magic. Oh yeah...I guess you would call them 'witches'. Too much WoW, I think. Regardles of gender, they're all mages to me now ><