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I guess this is an old article but the statistics were interesting. A rental car company in the UK (Carrentals) surveyed 700 drivers over 18 years old. Some key stats: Have caused at least one car accident: 57% of men 44% of women Among the elderly (over 66 years old) 60% of men 30% of women have experienced a car accident at least once. Men have received twice as much penalty points for traffic violations as women. Almost 50% of men 15% of women have violated traffic laws, e.g. speeding or running a red light It's true that these statistics don't necessarily tell us that women are better drivers. It could simply be that men are more risk-taking when driving.
this is a thing that can open a big debate. What I am going to tell you right now, is based on my own driving experiences. Most of the car accidents that I saw, was close to, heared about it, well, they were mostly caused by men (I'm a guy, btw). But the repeatable non sense that you come accross every day in the traffic are usually caused by women. For example, if you see someone driving a lot slower that they should and maybe a bit funny you know that there is a woman, probably on her phone, while driving. I am really not sexist or anything, but most situations that got me like: seriously, bitch? were caused by women. But than again, statistics show how men are causing much more accidents than women. It really is a really open debate and I don't think there are any conclusions.