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TOP: 우리영배 그날 운동많이했구나 (uri Youngbae kunal un-dong-man-i-haess-gu-na) Our Youngbae exercised a lot on that day. Vocabulary: 우리: Our 영배: Youngbae (Taeyang's name) 그-날: that day 운동-많이-했구나: exercise-many-did Credit: To @bb.translations on IG. It seems the VIPs have been doing Olympic memes with Taeyang's last Seoul performance and he's been reposting them 😂.
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😂😂 Yeah, the edits are so funny!
😂😂😂😂😂😂 have you seen the metal one?👌👌👌👌😂
Yes. They're saying that he can finally eat dinner with TOP because he finally got a medal. Go to @bb.translates IG, she posted a video there to explain 😂.
The one he posted of him jumping the hurdles had me crying from laughing so much! 😂
Yes. That was the first one! 😂