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love this lol xD
My best friend, I can totally see us being best friends so this is pretty awesome.
My boyfriend. It's really hard to go wrong with boyfriends in Tokyo Ghoul cause there are so many awesome male characters and this is definitely one of them, and he's got that stone cold cool guy going which is like one of my favorite character traits ever xD
I'm a Ghoul! pretty happy about this although a half Ghoul would've been cool. but honestly I don't think I would mind having to eat suicide victims if it meant staying alive xD
My clan. I think this is Anteki but I'm not actually sure, either way it appears to be the safe clan so I'm happy xD
My Kagune. Honestly I don't even remember seeing this one so I'm not really sure if was an epic one or super lame. If anyone remember this one kagune and who it belongs to please let me know in the comments below ^^ @AimeBolanos
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Glad you played the game! You are actually team Anti-Aogiri xD (since Shuu and Uta are there xD) and TuT dammit I forgot her name but she is the other pretty girl that works at Anteiku. The leader of the Girl Dogs clan (lol) gahh ima look up her name rn
Do you know who's kagune I have?