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So here we are, chapter eight. It's a little short, but I wanted to get back to the other perspective, so I'll be posting chapter nine soon. Also, if you want to be tagged or untagged let me know, and if you've missed any of the previous chapters, they can be found on my Masterpost here
Chapter Eight I know things have been a little crazy… how are you doing? How was she doing? If she thought about it seriously, she wasnt really even sure how she was doing. She wasnt fine, like she wanted to reply. She wanted to completely ignore the conflict that was swarming inside her head, threatening to break out, to make her cry or scream or turn and run away. This wasnt at all what shed wanted her trip to Korea to be. Instead, she stayed silent, trying to think to figure out exactly what it was that she felt. It was a quiet ride on the elevator, her fingers fiddling silently with the strap on her bag. She tried to ignore the increasingly awkward feeling growing in the pit of her stomach. Turning her fingers slightly, she let the bag spin slightly in front of her. She closed her eyes, letting her mind focus on the perpetual motion of the bag, the catch of the bag as it tightened on her fingers, and then spun the other way. She was so focused on the motion, the stopping of the elevator caused her to topple to the side slightly. Her eyes widened as she felt Siwons arm wrap its way around her. Her head turned, looking towards his chest, and then upward, looking into his now quite near face. A breath caught in her throat and she felt a shiver run down her back. She didnt know how long she stood there, her head blank as she stared up at his face. Her mind didnt register the quiet sound of the doors shutting behind them, as she blinked up at him. He blinked for a moment and then his eyes widened, and he carefully let go, his cheeks turning a soft pink, as he turned, pressing the button again, allowing the doors to open, he put his arm out, holding the door for her. She watched him, and then realized what she was supposed to do, and stepped out of the elevator. Knowing she wasnt on her own floor, she waited quietly to follow Siwon, staying a step behind him, to his left, blushing slightly as she thought about them frozen in the elevator. She shook her head slightly, stopping her steps, clearing her head. She couldnt let herself get stupid now. Shed been through far too much to get to where she was, here in Korea. It was her dream trip, and she was going to do her best to keep it what it was meant to be. Looking up, she realized shed fallen behind, and hurried to catch up, nearly running into him as he stopped. He pressed his code into the door, and stepped in, holding the door open for her. Im sorry for the mess, I… He hesitated for a moment. Well I wasnt expecting any company. She stepped in, and looked around a bit. It wasnt messy that she could tell, but she didnt know what his standards were. She hummed softly as she looked around, entering the kitchen when she found it. She didnt know if he minded, but she didnt suppose setting the groceries on the counter would be a problem. She set the bags down, and hummed softly, thinking about what theyd make with the things they bought, she searched the countertop, pulling a few things she found that shed use when cooking. She quietly began pulling things out of the bags, organizing the counter, and prepping things. Shed always been good in the kitchen, and it was a good way for her to calm the madness going on in her mind. It gave her something to focus on, instead of focusing on the fact that she was in Choi Siwons home. Do you have a… Her voice trailed off as she realized he was standing nearby watching her. He had a funny look on his face, and she smiled slightly. Do you have a pan, I wanted to start cooking these… Oh, and a colander, this cabbage needs to be rinsed. She forgot, momentarily what exactly she was doing, focusing on the task at hand. He broke his concentration and nodded, going to pull the things she needed out of the cupboards. Watching him, she wondered if he wasnt perhaps in the same situation she was, a little overwhelmed by the fact that so much had happened. There was a large part of her that wanted to ask him about it, to wonder aloud what he was thinking. Instead of letting that part free, she went back to her prepping the ingredients for their meal, slicing the vegetables and meat, starting the meat cooking first.