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Here's chapter nine, soon like I promised! :P
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Chapter Nine
Siwon hadn’t been able to really focus on anything since the elevator. He’d never been so messed up before. Maybe it was his curiosity, or perhaps it was simply the interest of something new, but he was like a moth to flame. She was a puzzle he couldn’t put together. So when she wandered into his home and seemed to immediately adjust, making his own kitchen hers, he couldn’t help but smile. She was just the right amount of crazy. He’d not been able to stop watching her until she spoke. It took him a moment to realize that she’d asked for a pan, and he jumped into motion, pulling the two things she’d asked for, and then a couple that he thought she’d need, regardless of if she’d asked. He also decided, as he pulled out the second cutting board, to help with the prep, even if he didn’t really know what she was doing. He watched her slice for a moment, her hands expertly julienning the peppers in front of her. It took him a minute to realize that he wasn’t doing anything, just standing at the counter with a knife in his hand before he figured out why her actions were so familiar.
“I haven’t had homemade bibimbap in years… Not since I moved out of my parent’s house…” He’d watched his mother make it in the kitchen of his family’s home multiple times, the process was careful and calculated. His mother was always so busy, and watching her in the kitchen was always an opportunity to be with her, even if he ended up getting either ordered out of the kitchen or told to not touch anything. It was his mother’s quiet time, so if her mind was as scattered as his was, he understood why it was her meal of choice. It gave her something to focus on, instead of focusing on her, no… their situation. He pulled out a pot, and began boiling water for the sprouts and spinach, carefully making a bowl of ice water in the sink for when they cooked. His hands moved of their own accord, finding the pre-made rice that was in one of the bags. He didn’t know exactly what they were going to eat out of, but seeing as she didn’t look worried, he wasn’t going to worry either. Like their situation, he realized, that they’d work it out, one way or another. The two of them were working quietly, himself pulling the seedpods off of the ends of the sprouts, before dunking them into the boiling water. He watched carefully as their color changed before he scooped them out, and dunked them into the icy water, pushing them under to cool them. He became quickly immersed in his working beside her, it felt comfortable, though he’d never had anyone except his members or manager in his home before, this was somehow the right kind of different.
Before long, he was finished, and he turned, taking the plate with the vegetables to her, and watched her carefully arrange them on the pan, leaning in over her shoulder to reach out and snag a piece of zucchini and munched on it as she put the pan into the oven. He nodded before turning to clear away some of the mess from the cooking process. He was surprised to find that most of her area was already clean. He smiled, turning to pick up his own mess. Pouring out the icy water into the sink, he turned on hot water and got mentally lost in the ice cubes getting smaller and smaller as they swirled around the sink’s drain.
He was pushed from that reverie as she tugged gently on his arm. “We should talk.” It wasn’t that he had forgotten about that fact, more accurately he’d just forgotten that he’d hoped she’d forgotten. He supposed that probably was the last thing she could forget about while she’s wandering around his kitchen. He nodded, wiping his hands on a nearby towel, and pushing up his sleeves to show her into the living room nearby.
“Make yourself comfortable…” He was glad to see her actually do just that, pulling a pillow into her lap as she curled up in a corner of the sectional. He sat nearby, pulling a leg underneath him, and turned to look at her, eyes wandering over her face, trying to figure out what was going on inside that mind of hers. He hated not knowing, and it almost made him want to scream out loud. He refrained, and instead put a hand out, gesturing slightly. “So, do you have any ideas? I mean, We should probably try to stay pretty close to the truth, but maybe make it sound like I’m a bit less of a stalker….” He was glad to hear the huff of laughter escape from her lips, the smile appearing a little teasing.
“I don’t know, you could consider your actions romantic if maybe I don’t know… I’d known you before hand.” A wrinkle formed between her eyebrows and then she shook her head. “I mean, I knew who you were… but not really.” She shook her head slightly. He could tell she was getting a little flustered, and he nodded.
“It was love at first sight. I saw you in the elevator that first day you moved in, and I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I had to find out who you were so I called the apartment office and found out your name, and where you were staying.” He didn’t know why exactly he’d put the truth out there. Though he’d never really thought about it in the exact terms love at first sight, it had certainly been attraction at first sight. He’d been immediately interested in her. He’d been avoiding looking at her face, and when his eyes lifted slightly to meet hers, the look on her face was surprise, not discomfort or awkwardness. He rushed to figure out an explanation. “I mean, it’s the easy option right? You’ve never been to Seoul before, but maybe we could say I met you once in New York or something? Somewhere in America where the newspapers wouldn’t really care who I was…” He nodded slightly, looking up, and shrugged. She didn’t look convinced.
“We could kind of combine those… What if I stayed at the same hotel you stayed at while you were doing KCon last time, and I happened to bump into you in an elevator then, and you tried to find out the information on me then, but the hotel wouldn’t give it to you because they didn’t care about who you were, but then when you saw me in the lobby the next day you offered to get coffee with me there in the hotel café. We hit it off, but then you had to go and things that could have been didn’t end up happening, and when you saw me here in Seoul, you’d thought you were dreaming, so you’d contacted the office and found out it was really me. You were so surprised, that you didn’t really believe it was me, and you followed me, trying to find out if it was me, and by the time I came out of the EXO fan meet, you were tired of waiting, and just had to tell me it was you that I’d bumped into that morning.” He was mildly amazed, because her story was super plausible. The press wasn’t allowed into the hotel he’d been staying at for KCon, and he could have easily stopped in for a cup of coffee before leaving in the morning. It would’ve been a simple interaction, and a great start for how they’d know each other.
“I like it. Let’s go with it.”
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