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Hello I will be your host for today! Todays topic is what anime character would you want to be your Wedding planner and why? A reminder they can be from any anime, maybe someone will agree with you!
I choose Titania also know as Erza Scarlet; since she can handle any party animals that get out of hand. Also knows how to find the perfect wedding cake. I feel like Erza would be the perfect wedding planner since she's very organized and knows how to have fun herself. As long as she won't get stage fright its all good.
I agree with @DaWayneHoskins Erza with cakes (as long as she doesn't eat them) and Sebastian with decorations because he does them so perfect
good answer!
Erza choosing cakes and Sebastian handling decorations and catering
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@DaWayneHoskins that is worth his salt 馃槈 Good answer!
first person that popped in my head for me was Sebastian from kuroshitsuji. reason: he's one hell of a butler 馃榿
can I say Gray from fairy tail and Levy from Attack on Titan
Yes you can! I can understand why you picked Levy and what about Gray?
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