I couldn't believe it. 5 months to live? what was I going to do for the rest of my life? What was I going to do with y/n? "Mr.Kim?" I zoned out at all the unanswered questions. "Mr.Kim?" I finally came back to my senses. "Uh... Yes?" "You have brain cancer.. Because you are young, your cancer will get worse at a faster rate. The younger you are, the faster your cancer grows." I was still in shock. I wanted todo everything to live longer. To spend more time with my sweetheart, y/n. "Will surgery or any treatment help?" "If you get a treatment, the longest you'll be able to live is just 2 more months. And if you do surgery, you might not even be able to wake up." My eyes started to fill up with tears. the doctor noticed and said, "I know it's hard. Too much is happening too quickly." I wasn't able to focus. I walked to my car with no focus on anything. Everything was too much. While I opened the door to my car, I felt something vibrating inside my pocket. I checked my phone: 'My love~' It was y/n. Oh y/n... What was I gonna do with you? As I went into my car I sat down and started to sob. I couldn't handle everything. Leaving y/n seemed impossible. I saw what she texted to me. 'Jagiya~ is it over yet? I know you're healthy! Now, hurry up!!' I hugged my phone and bawled my eyes out. I wasn't going to be able to see her... what will I do without her? When I leave her, she's going to miss me even more. I can't leave her... I can't. As I came back to my senses, I got my phone and made a to-do list. "Plans for 5 months" These 5 months had to be extraordinary. Something y/n and I will never forget about... I'll spend the rest of my five months with y/n, and y/n only. Please let it be the 5 months of a lifetime.
I went back to the house and I looked at our house from afar. I never knew that our house was so pretty. I'll miss this place. When I opened the door, y/n ran into me giving me a big hug. I bit my lips trying to hold back my tears. I wasn't going to be able to feel this anymore either. I hugged her back and rested my head on hers. She pulled back and said, "jagiya~ I ordered some chicken so we can eat together! I'm sure your doctor's visit was nothing!! I know you're healthy, because I only love healthy guys!!" She giggled.. I giggled with her trying to hide my bitter facial expression. After we ate I decided to ask her what she always wanted to do. She started roll her eye balls to the corner of her eyes and thought for a while. She finally started list some things, "Go to Europe, go camping, go to a concert, ride 10 rollercoasters in a day, make a huge cake, and..."She started to hesitate. "get... Married." I smiled at the cute expression she made. she was a little embarrassed but I let it slide.. I asked her, "Y/n...what about we do that in all 5 months?" She stared blankly into my eyes.
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