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~ Playboy ~ Genre: Romance, Desire, Drama. "Y/N can you take table four?" Lisa, Y/N's best friend begs. She was also a waitress just like Y/N at this high place restaurant. Y/N quirks an eyebrow in question. "Umm...ok. But why if ya don't mind me asking?" Y/N asks cautiously watching her friend who squirm under her stare. "You know the other night when i went out to the bar?" She asks , Y/N nods remembering how she came sneaking back into their dorm at 6:00am that night. The douche bag she had a one night stand with demanded she leave after the deed was done. She has never seen her friend so upset after a one night stand. Y/N felt distaste at the tip of her tongue. If she can inly get her hand on the bastard, she'd beat the shit outta him for doing that to her dear friend. "Well uh....he is at table four right now" she mumbles making Y/N clench her fists in disgust and anger. He ha the nerve to come here! Y/N nods before giving her friend a side hug gabbing a few menus. A part of her wanted to rip the guys throat out, another part wanted to see this player out. She heard a lot about this player who picked up wan from bars and after using them he threw them away. As she neared table four she stopped in her tracks. There seemed to be six men all dresses up in suits. But one stuck out like a sore thumb. He was, in her opinion the best looking. Like how could someone so attractive be alive. He had a strong jaw and a resting bitch face that in a weird way made her more attractive to him. He wondered i that face was just a mask to cover his inner feelings. His hair was nicely done ad his shoulder were large and broad. Realization then hit her, what if he was the playboy bastard? She looked at the rest who were as well extremely gifted in the looks department, but it could be either one of them right? She prayed to god he wasn't and walked up to their table smiling wide. "Welcome! Thank you for choosing Remy's, these are the menus" she says handing the menus around the table. She noticed the one she had liked had his eyes all on her making her blush furiously. She also noticed a tanner male with black hair who sat beside him licked his lips before opening his mouth "what do you recommend?" He asks as Y/N puts on a polite smile. "The steak! Its delicious" she says making him chuckle. Y/N brought out her notepad. "I think i'll have the steak then" the guy says winking her way. She felt her breath hitch. He was flirting with her! That only meant one thing! The guy she was ogling over may not be that bastard after all. "So one order of steak for...." Y/N says looking at the male. "Kai" he replies licking his lips sceductively. Y/N had to hold mack the groan of annoyance. She took all their order and the guy he kinda liked, Sehun, ordered steak as well. Y/N skipped back into the kitchen giving the orders to the cook. Lisa gave her a weird look before asking how it went. "It went well. I saw the bastard by the way. I didn't know you were into tanned guys" Y/N says grabbing the plates and names ready. "Tanned? No that him!" She says pointing silently at the male who was looking at his phone under the table. Y/N felt her stomach twist in knots. She was pointing at Sehun.. Y/N should have know it was too good to be true. She looked back at Lisa to see the pain in her eyes as she nodded. "Ahhhh i mistaken him for the other guy. Ahaha...anyway what do you want me to do?" Y/N asks as the plates of food get passes to her. Lisa shrugs. "Nothing! Im just warning you, he has this way of making girls fall for him in 2 seconds flat without even batting an eyelash! I just don't want you to fall" she says smiling. Y/N's smile wavered, too late. She already fell for him. She grabbed the food and rounded to the table. She caught sight of Sehun's beautiful half smile when she was handing out the plates. "Steak for Kai, and another Steak for..... Sehun" she says handing the duo their steaks. As she was handing the plate to Sehun, as he accidentally touched her hand. She felt electricity surge through her body, his eyes widen and he didn't want to let go. Y/N wanted to hold his hand longer, gosh she would have. But Lisa's betrayed face flashes before her eyes as she dropped the plate. Some of the contents splattering against his shirt. "Oh my gosh! Im so sorry sir!" She says frantically. Sadly to Y/N's luck her manager was walking around to keep an eye on things, and he didn't like what he saw. "Im sorry sir, this rarely happens!" He says glaring Y/N down. Sehun tries using the tissue to clean his shirt. "No its fine, really" his velvety voice filled the air making Y/N suck in a deep breath. "I'll get another steak ready for you sir! In the mean time please help yourself to another shirt. Y/N I'm sure you can assist him to the back" Y/N's manager says still glaring. She squeaks an yes and takes Sehun to the back. She was quiet as Sehun looked around curiously. "So...." He starts of awkwardly. Y/N keeps reminding herself that he is the one who hurt her fiend. She made her face go expressionless and points at the mens change room. "We have a few dress shirts please help yourself. And walk straight form here when your done and you'll be on the main floor" she says her voice monotone. She bows one last time and walks off but Sehun stops her by grabbing her wrist. "Did i do something wrong?" He asks his voice gentle. Her facial expression didn't change? Wavered yes, but didn't change. "I don't know what your talking about sir" she says looking away from his pleading eyes. He pins her against the wall as she lets out a gasp. "A few minutes ago you liked my presence! You were smiling at me! What took thy away huh?" He nearly growls. Y/N breathing hitches as she loses all her composure. She felt vulnerable in his arms. She turned avoiding his gaze. "I-it shouldn't matter to you.....y-you have plenty of other woman to satisfy you" Y/N mumbles pushing him off and walking of leaving him stunned as realization crossed his face. "None, of them are like you..." He whispers to himself as e watches your retreating figure. All that was left of you was your scent. The scent he sore he'd remember.
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