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Chanyeol X Reader ~Hands to Myself Pt: 2 ~

~ Hands to Myself pt:2 ~ Genre: Romance, Drama, SMUT SMUT SMUTTTTTT. You've been warned. ~ Previously on Hands to Myself ~ "Good, cuz there is something else i need to show you" he growls into her ear, unable to keep his hands to himself. ~ Present Time ~ A shiver ran down Y/N's spine as Chanyeol gently places his hands on her waist. He wanted to ravish her right then and there but this was punishment. Not the normal love making. He wanted her to beg for him. "W-what is it?" She squeaks. Chanyeol's predatory eyes scan her slightly shaking figure. He loved the image that played in his head and the fantasy of taking her backstage was about to come true. Her eyes kept glancing at his smirk that never left his face. He knew she wanted him, but she wasn't giving in. This bothered the giant. He needed her to beg. He needed her on her knees. "Oh, I'll show you babe. But first come sit with me. Lets watch the performance " he says gesturing at the couch and the T.V across it. She robotically nods and takes her seat near Chanyeol who turns on the T.V. He scooted closer to her and casually laid his hand on top of her revealing thigh. She flinched. And grabbed the small couch pillow and covered her lap in tempt to stop him. But it only provoked him. Slowly his long slender fingers crawled its way up to the hem of her really short shorts. And goosebumps rose on her arms. Chanyeol leans in to her ear "How dare you wear such naughty clothing to my concert. Do you know all of Exo saw you" he says gently biting on her ear. She began to protest but the door to the room busted open a clueless Kai walking in. Y/N immediately blushed and looked to the ground unable to take in the situation. Chanyeol looked up and Kai a wicked smile crossing his features. He slowly unbuttons her shorts and pulls it down making her eyes go wide. "Yes Kai?" Chanyeol addresses the male who was looking at his phone. At the sound of him being mentioned he looks up, noticing Y/N was there. "Hey Y/N! Did you like the show?" He asks causally taking a seat diagonally across the duo. Luckily the pillow was a barrier and Kai had no clue as to what was happening. At this point Chanyeol was gently stroking Y/N's womanhood through her panties. She held back a moan and looked at Kai with pleading eyes. "I-it was great Kai!" She says trying to sound encouraging . But it came off strained. Kai raised an eyebrow in question. Chanyeol wanted more of a reaction form her so he pulled down the panties as low it would go. 'She shaved.....naughty girl' Chanyeol thought to him self holding back the urge to take her right then and there. He lightly fingered her folds as she went frozen in the spot. Chanyeol took a peek at her form and noticed him being 'gentle' wasn't enough for her. "Thanks! Uh, Chanyeol in like 10 mins we've out our fan signing" Kai says his eyes directed at Chanyeol. Chanyeol looks up at his band mate. Before he can open his mouth he plunges one finger inside of her making her cover her mouth and look down, making sure her hair covered her face. She couldn't believe Chanyeol was fingering her while Kai sat not a meter away! "Y/N?" Kai asks worried. Chanyeol looks down at Y/N feigning innocence. "Babe?.....dude i may be late to the signing. Y/N isn't feeling to well." He says as Y/N regains her posture and looks up. Her face was pale and her lips quivered. Kai nodded and his face changed to gloomy. "Yea, Krystal is going through something as well" he adds, thinking about his girl. Chanyeol went further to torturing her by pumping in and out if her hole faster and harder. Her tightness was incredible considering the fact Chanyeol and Y/N had sex pretty often. She clenched around his fingers making him internally groan in pleasure. He added a second digit and pumped faster maker her cover her fave once again biting back her moans. Her thoughts became lewd and she wanted Chanyeol. She wanted him to badly she didn't care if Kai watched. Chanyeol realized she was coming close to her high as she became more tighter around her fingers, her breathing was heavy and fast and her eyes seemed to have rolled back due to all the pleasure. "Yo Kai, do me a favour and tell them i'll be a few minutes late?" Kai nodded not bothering to look up because he was so engrossed to texting his girlfriend. Chanyeol took this opportunity whisper into Y/N's ear. "You better not cum princess. Or else I'll make sure Kai isn't the only audience" he growled lowly. Y/N shivers in both pleasure and fear. Her respect, and image was at stake. She knew she couldn't disobey Chanyeol. He was at his dominant state, and when he reaches that state he is brutally rough. Kai finally looks up and smiles at Y/N one last time before getting up and calling someone, possibly Krystal. As soon as the doors shut, Y/N let out the longest moan she could muster. All the building up had her sweating. Chanyeol's threw the pillow protection and looks into Y/Ns eyes making her know where she stood. She gulps in fear and want. He went on his knees and nearly ripped the shorts/panties at once tossing them aside. "You better not cum or scream princess. The door isn't locked. Anyone can walk in on us" he says his eyes gleamed with excitement of someone walking in on them. Gosh was he a pervert. He spreads her legs wide and dove in. "Your so wet for me babe. If you begged i might actually give you what you want" he purrs against her bare womanhood. She sucked in her breath and tossed Her head back in anticipation . Y/N didn't want to give in to begging. She was stubborn and Chanyeol knew it. It only made the game that more entertaining. He stuck his tongue into her hole and swirled it around like a pro. She was whimpering and moaning in pleasure. He moved up to her clit and began messaging it with a couple of strokes here and there. Y/N was drunk, reaching her high. "C-Chanyeol" she begs wanting her release . Chanyeol felt her tighten around her tongue and immediately moved out as she mewled in protest. She lifted her head and looked at Chanyeol's hooded eyes filled with lust. He grabs her and places her one the table, sliding all the makeup aside he grips on her hips and stares into her pleasureful eyes. "Tell me what you want baby girl" he growls gently letting go of her form. She whimpers at the lose of contact. All pride was thrown out the window. "I w-want you Chanyeol, i want you to fuck me" she says shamelessly as he smirked wide. He leans in to her ear gently nibbling "Beg harder babe. Im not feeling it" he whispers as she is sent into a frenzy. "Fuck me Chanyeol, fuck me hard!!" She begs as he unbuckles his pants an boxers letting his erection spring free. He was huge and Y/N couldn't help but want it more and more. He brought her closer and teases his tip against her womanhood as they both let out moans. Chanyeol couldn't take the fucking teasing anymore as he brutally pushed himself inside of her not allowing her time to adjust to his large thick size. He banged her hard and fast against the table that squeaked in protest underneath them. He was groaning as profanity was thrown out of his lips. Y/N moaned put loud and was not afraid to let people know who she belonged to as Chanyeols name come out of her mouth. "Fuckkkkk, yes Chanyeol! Harder!" Chanyeol rests one hand beside her head on the mirror, and the other on her hip and he started going faster feeling her clench around him. "You cannot cum yet princess. Not until i cum" he says his eyes boring into her small form. She nodded but didn't know how long she can hold up. "Chanyeol please , let me cum!!" She begs pulling herself up and wrapping her hands around his neck as be pumped in and out of her. She bit on his sweet spot knowing very well he would give in. Chanyeol lets out one long deep growl feeling his high. Y/N was a sweating mess as Chanyeol brought her in for a sloppy kiss filled of love. "Cum for me princess" he mummers against her lips. Y/N did as she was told cuming. She came so hard she saw stars as she clenched around his throbbing twitching member. Chaneol came right after as he rode out his orgasm . The mirror behind them had fogged up due to the heat intensity from within the room. Chanyeol brought her in for another kiss which was more controlled as she returned it. "Just promise me...you'll never wear something like that again" he instructs as she giggles. "What am i supposed to wear then?" She asks tilting her head to the side looking confused. He thought about it for a while before grinning. "Something that covers you up. Like those big ass costumes" he replies helping her down and cleaning up "but its hot out babe!" She whines pouting. He pulls her in and stares at her pouty lips. He couldn't help but feel turned out all over again. "Sorry princess, i don't want other guys eyeing you down. Unless you are asking for a bigger punishment" he says quirking an eyebrow his goofy grin crossing his features. Y/N chuckles as pulls him in for a stronger hug, but stops midway. "Chanyeol.....are you hard again?!" ____________________________________ IM SORRRYYYY!!! I know its awful but i have an excuse for that! This is my very first actual smut I've ever written! So please bare with me!! And remember to ask for any requests!
I liked it. It was great
This was perfect! 😆👏💘
Idk what you're talking about this was GOOD! Also I got obsessed with your stories they're really great. 😊💞 please tag me!
Yes ma'am!!!
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