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Chanyeol, please wake up! you began to shake him. You looked around for a pulse and were almost in tears when you finally found one. Mya, please toss me his necklace back! you looked over at her and she threw it back. Once you got Chanyeols necklace around him, he started coughing. You helped him sit up and he slowly regained his senses. A smile grew on your face when he made eye contact with you. He looked around the room and began to panic at the sight of knocked out Xiumin. He rushed over to him and stole the necklace from Mya to put it around Xiumin. He did what Chanyeol had done seconds ago and your heart began to beat at the sight of him. How did you get here? was the first thing Xiumin asked. Where even is here? And how did we end up like this? Chanyeol asked. You just shrugged, unable to find your words. Where are the others? We dont know that either. Mya spoke up. He looked down at her necklace and grew frustrated. Where did you get that? Chanyeol slammed his fist on the wall. We will explain later. I figured you wanted to be saved, so a simple thank you would be nice. Now lets go find the others. You said as you stood up and grabbed Myas and Chanyeols wrists. Mya had ahold of Xiumins wrist. You left the room and were back in the hall you had teleported to. You began to open all of the doors you could see in hope to find someone or someones necklace. (Y/N), come here. Xiumin said. He had wandered around by himself and came across something. You ran up to his side and got a good look at what he had found. A map. Look, here is where we are. he said pointing to a red dot. But we are also here. he said as he flipped the small map over and pointed to a black dot. What do you think that means? you asked. I think there is a portal somewhere around here.. he said as he began to feel around the walls. A few steps later he found what he was looking for and fell through the wall. You rushed over to where he had fallen though and went after him. You looked back to see if Chanyeol and Mya followed, but unfortunately the portal had shut. You caught up to Xiumin and looked to see Chen and Sehun behind bars. Their necklaces should be around here somewhere. I will look, you try and get them out. you said as you began to look through the drawers on the room. Go through the door on your left and look in the green desk. you heard Mya, knowing she was using your telepathy power to contact you. Even though you had the necklace, your bond was strong and she was able to contact you. You did what she told you to to and soon came across the necklaces. Xiumin somehow managed to break the bars and you were able to return the necklaces to the two boys. When they awoke, they both said their thank yous. You and the others began looking for more clues as you explained to them what was going on. How did you- someone began. All heads turned to the man by the door. You had seen his face before, but werent quite sure who it was. You guessed that he worked here and he was one of the men that you should have tried harder to avoid. Nobody moved until Chen took charge. Run! he shouted, grabbing your wrist and Xiumins. You managed to grab ahold of Sehuns. The four of you ran into a room and locked the door behind you. Once safe - or so you thought - you began to look around in that room, knowing you were going to be there for a while. Only a few seconds later, the man appeared and had you in a headlock. Xiumin used his powers to freeze him and helped you out of his arms. You looked to see for a reasonable explanation as to how he got into the room. The doors were still locked. Kai.. Chen let out a small whisper. You looked over at him and saw him standing by the frozen man. You joined Chen by his side to see what he saw. The man had Kais necklace on. Xiumin, unfreeze him. Chen demanded. Xiumin and Sehun walked over to the who of you. I dont think I can.. Xiumin said softly. TRY! Chen growled. We need that necklace. Xiumin tried his best to unfreeze him, but that just want part of his ability. Chen took the matter into his own hands - almost literally - and punched the man to break the ice. You cheered seeing that he did break the ice, but then realized his hand was now bleeding. Chen.. you took his hand into yours. Just get the necklace.. he choked out. He held back his tears as he took his hand from you. Sehun grabbed the necklace and stretched it around the four of you. After the flash you were teleported to a different room. All of you fell to the floor. Chen and Xiumin stood up instantly, but you and Sehun were on the ground for a bit. You looked around to see that you had been reunited with Mya and Chanyeol. Mya helped you off of the ground then you then helped Sehun. (Y/N)! an excited voice shouted. You turned around to see Baekhyun running towards you. He pulled you into his arms and greeted you with a tight hug. You looked over and saw that they had found SuHo as well. Who else did you find?! you looked over and asked Chanyeol. His half smile soon went away and he pointed to the room at the end of the hall. You pushed Baekhyun off of you and ran to the door. You slid into the room, trying to prepare yourself for whatever had upset Chanyeol. You saw Kai lying behind broken bars. You left the room and ran back to the group. But we found his necklace! Hell be fine! I promise! you smiled. You looked over at Sehun for the necklace so you could go help Kai. Sehun just looked to the ground as he held out his hand. You noticed a tear fall before looking at the broken necklace in his hand. Tears began to fall from your face as you ran back to Kai. You took your necklace off and clipped it around his fading skin. The longer he lied there, the more his skin turned to a grey color. It wont work. You dont think Ive tried? Chanyeol stated. You looked over your shoulder to see him standing in the doorway. Kai, please! you cried as you returned your focus to Kai and began shaking him. Chanyeol rushed over to you to stop you from shaking him. You tried to struggle out of his grip but were just too weak. Soon you gave up and he carried you back to the rest of the group. Give me that necklace. you demanded as you walked up to Mya. She handed over Kriss necklace and you switched necklaces then began to look for an exit. What do you plan on doing, (Y/N)? Sehun asked. Im not sure. Im going to find that bastard and make him give me answers. you said as you wiped the tears from your face. Once you found a window you were gone. The others began shouting after you, but you ignored them. You found yet another portal and decided to enter it. You made a crash landing and were soon met with Mya and the others, they somehow managed to follow you. You didnt pay much attention to any of them until Xiumin froze your feet, causing you to stop. Let us help you! he said, annoyed. Your attention was soon pulled away when you heard a scream coming at you. You couldnt see anything, but someone was definitely close. Hurry and unfreeze me! you snapped at Chanyeol. He quickly unfroze you and you tried to get away before the screaming person came any closer, but you were too late. He ran into the hallway and made eye contact with you and he stopped screaming. D.O? Baekhyun ran over to him. The rest of the group followed and were pulled into a group hug. You jumped when you heard a scream. It was a scream of pain and you could feel someone was in trouble. You looked around to see who was missing. That must be Lay! you shouted as you began to run towards the screams. Hearing him in pain began to bring tears to your eyes but you knew you had to be strong for him. D.O ran after you and grabbed your wrist. (Y/N), dont. Its too dangerous. he said. Dangerous? Hold up, I saved everyone. Wait, how did you- you looked down at his necklace, remembering that you had nothing to do with him being freed. You looked over at Mya to see if she knew, but she just shrugged. Whatever they gave to us didnt work on Lay and he was able to get me my necklace and set me free. I was looking around for his necklace. Before I could help him we got caught. I was able to get away, as for him...well Im sure you can tell what happened.. D.O stated and let go of your wrist. You gave him a determined look before walking away once more. Youre not going alone. Chanyeol said as he ran up to your side. The others stayed put and watched as you and Chanyeol ran off together. You opened up all of the doors as the two of you shouted for Lay. His screams were getting louder and louder which meant you were getting close. You felt a strong pain buzzing through your head, but you decided to fight it and keep searching. The closer you got to the screams, the worse the pain got. You looked over to see that whatever it was, it was bothering Chanyeol as well. You had a feeling that the next door was where he was so you grabbed Chanyeols wrist as you entered the room. The door was slammed shut and locked after you had entered. Decided to join the party too, huh? a man said. The pain in your head was almost unbearable and had you in tears. You fell to the floor and held your head in your hands. Out of the corner of your eye, past the tears, you could see Chanyeol do the same thing. You gathered enough strength to look up and see what was going on. There wasnt much besides you, Chanyeol, a masked man, and Lay strapped to a chair. You noticed a few cuts all over his arms and chest. You began to cry even more seeing him like that. You knew that he had the same feeling in his head, and he was also dealing with being tortured in various other ways. You began to wondered why the masked man wasnt having this pain, then came to conclusion that it had something to do with the necklaces. Once you took yours off all of the pain went away but you were instantly unable to move, all you could do was watch. Chanyeol crawled over to you and clipped the necklace. All of the pain returned, but you regained your senses. The masked man shifted his attention over you and Chanyeol and the pain stopped. He walked over to you with an angry look on his face. Why are you connected to the necklace?! he shouted. You werent quite sure yourself considering that it wasnt yours. Unable to come up with an answer, you sat quietly until he lifted you up by your shirt. Why are you doing this? you managed to cry out. He ignored you and threw you back to the floor. How foolish you are. Bringing the necklaces to me. I thought Id have to put up more of a fight but instead, they were sent to me. Now i can have all of the power once and for all. he laughed. Youll never find the others. Im sure they are out there killing off all of your men! you shouted at him. He just laughed before opening the door. Mya and the boys were carried in by some body guards. The boys looked like they put up a good fight. You noticed as one bodyguard flipped Myas body onto the floor. You rushed to her side and noticed that her necklace was gone. What did you do to her?! you shouted. You held her cold body close to you and let tears fall. Im not sure what power her necklace possessed, but it was powerful and i had to get it off. one of the bodyguards said as he handed over the necklace to the masked bastard. What happens when you get all of the necklaces? you asked. When all necklaces are combined, it unleashes a whole new power. Legend says that-he began but you cut him off. It doesnt matter. you laughed through your tears. You looked up at the masked bastard and he brought his eyebrows together. Two of them are destroyed. Your laugh came to a stop when his grew loud. You werent sure what he was laughing at. His whole plan was ruined due to you breaking two of the necklaces. The blood of the chosen will be just as useful as the necklaces. he laughed as he drew closer to you and Mya. Kai was soon thrown into the room and his body was plopped next to you. You were soon lifted from the ground and brought over to Lay. You looked at him through the tears in your eyes and felt a lump in your throat. He managed to smile through his pain as if promising you that everything would be okay. Your attention was brought to your hand as you felt a sharp pain. A knife had just sliced open your palm. Your other hand went to Lays that was tied to the arm of the chair. Your blood was dripping into a cup that was already somewhat filled with blood which you were guessing was Lays. After getting what he wanted from you, he threw you to the ground at Lays feet then went over to Mya. When the ground began to shake, you looked around at the boys and your eyes stopped at an angry D.O. Chanyeol threw a ball of fire at the wall Take Kai and go! he ordered. You did what he told you, trusting that he would save your best friend. You grabbed Kai and threw him over your shoulders and flew out of the hole in the wall. Once you found a safe place you placed Kai under a tree and decided to go back up and help. Once returning to the party, you grabbed Chanyeols attention so he could tell you what to do next. He motioned to Mya and you were thankful that you were able to get her out. One by one you flew these guys down to safety. Having only Chanyeol and Chen left, you were happy that the fight was almost over. Unfortunately, losing wasnt one of the masked mans options. You watched as he drank the cup of blood that he had collected. You flew over to Chen and flew him to ground as fast as you could and returned to Chanyeol. They were both putting up a good fight and as you were making your way to Chanyeol you were hit by some sort of force. You quickly got back up and grabbed Chanyeol as he threw his last fire ball, burning the entire place. Although it wasnt really necessary, Chanyeol continued to throw the fire balls until he knew that the enemy was dead. You went over to the tree to see that Lay had healed himself and Mya. You saw that he didnt have his necklace on and became very confused. She will be fine, just let her rest. Lay said as he stood up and handed your friend over to you. The orange door from the beginning appeared and you figured that that was the way home. You and the group were soon through the portal, back to your world. You were met with your boss and he escorted the group to two different limos. The boys all sat in the same limo and you sat with your boss, Mya and Kais body. Kais body was placed next to your boss and you laid Mya on the seat and placed her head on your lap. I dont understand the necklaces. How come some of us were able to switch but we couldnt save Kai? you asked. Lay was able to use his power without even having the necklace on. Your bond with the necklace is stronger than the others. he began to explain, but before he could continue, you interrupted him with more of your confusion. But the necklace isnt even mine, it is Kriss. you stated. Sure the thing says it is Kriss, but that doesnt matter. The bond created between one and the necklace is much more important than the power itself. Anyone can wear the necklace and become powerful, but not everyone can possess what is beyond the power. You, Lay and Mya are special. The necklace itself is quite useless, what matters is who the necklace is bonded to. he explained. You werent able to quite understand the whole concept so you turned the focus to another matter. What is going to happen next? you asked, looking over at Kai. We are going to drain everybodys memory of what happened. The only ones that will remember any of this will be you, Lay and myself. Why Lay? What he went through was terrible! you argued. Hes strong. You and Lay are my weapons, you need to keep this memory or you will lose your bond with the power. We will drop you off at the boys dorm and you can stay there for the night. Im sorry that Mya will not be able to share this memory with you, I know this will be hard. For all she knows is that you and the boys have been practicing a new dance routine and that is why she is so tired. If you continue to have her drink LuHans drink she will soon be back to her normal self. he said. Unsure how to respond to being called a weapon, you kept to yourself for the rest of the car ride. There were so many questions in your head and you hated that you might never had them answered. Has this happened before? How many times have the boys been brain washed? You wondered to yourself. Once arriving to the dorm you tucked Mya into the bed that was prepared for her. Unable to sleep, you decided to walk around outside and get some fresh air. You found a swing hanging from a huge tree and decided to sit there for a bit. So I heard that it is just going to be you and me. someone said from behind you. You feld hands on your shoulders and looked up to see Lay. He gave you a half smile before walking over to in front of you and squating so he could see your face. You just nodded instead of speaking. A tear fell from your cheek and Lay pulled you off of the swing and into his arms. The two of you sat on the ground and he held you close as you cried into his chest. You had so many questions still. Not being able to bring up this experience with someone you had been close to for years was upsetting you, but at the same time you were glad knowing that she would be happy and safe. Im here for you. You can always talk to me. he smiled. You smiled and began to choke on your tears. Youre safe now. I promise.
the story was very good๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
ayy I get to cry in my bias's arms. lol
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Waaaaah~ So good! @SassyMaknae I will always love this story ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š