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I want to post this because I don't see a lot of people posting about him and kris and Tao. It makes me sad. I mean it feels like everyone just shut them three out of their lives just like that and I'm really sad of how they did. I mean I'm for sure a lot of you still love them three but just don't want to post about them because of what other fans might think or of something else but damn you have to start posting about them too. I know they aren't Korean but the were in that world once. You guys should know for sure that once you join the dark side you can never go back maybe. Well I think if we keep searching Kris, Luhan, and Tao are still somewhere in the dark side so please update stories, imagines, one shots or whatever so about them too. I do see some people doing so but some how most people just stop because of what happened. Okay now sad part out of the way fun part comes in. Oh gosh he's so hot these days. I'm not trying to be mean but ever since he left exo he got off the hook hot. He's blowing up. Gosh he's hot. I would be the happiest girl if I married him but nah I'm okay. Okay but yeah he's hot off the hook.
I'm happy you posted this. You're right about there being not many photos about Kris, Luhan, or Tao and yeah its pretty sad. I'll try to post more bc I've never stopped loving them.
I think they were holding him back a bit with his looks. It was like he instantly stopped just being cute after leaving. Maybe it's the change in the way makeup is applied or Maybe it's just his face changed as he got a bit older. He still kinda has the cute/pretty side. But he definitely has a more manly look for the most part now
one of the pictures looks like Luhan is in a kdrama so I can use that for a fan fic. I can't wait to do Kris's story. Lu Lu is such a prince I love him. I love them all Yixing, Lu, YifAn, tao love them all
Kris song are amazing!!馃挅馃挅馃挅
Tao's latest song is AMAZING!!!!!,
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