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Mei x YamatoFrom Sukitte Ii na yo. (Say I Love You)

Mei and Yamato are probably one of the sweetest high school couples in anime history. This may not be the most passionate kiss ever, but it is definitely a hot one! Mei has been trying to resist Yamato's charm for so long, but time (as well as Yamato's constant advances) has obviously taken its toll and lit a fire in her heart...

Taiga x RyuugiFrom Toradora!

The tiger and dragon have finally come to terms with their romance and this is the moment everyone has been waiting for! It is great to see them accept their love and the fact that they are a perfect match!

Asuna x Kazuto From Sword Art Online

Kazuto and Asuna have a really strong and sweet relationship, and people who watched the anime know why. They have been through so much together and in the end they proclaimed their love with a very sweet kiss.

Yuno x YukiteruFrom Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary)

Yukiteru has finally plucked up some long-awaited courage and decides to be the dominant male he needs to be. If you're familiar with the anime, then you probably know that Yuno tends to be the more "powerful" of the two. However, in this hot scene, Yukiteru takes initiative and turns this strong yandere queen into a sensual young lady.

Ryouta x HimikoFrom Btooom!

This anime has a similar concept to Mirai Nikki and Sword Art Online, and it also has its share of romantic moments. This kiss is one of the absolute cutest in anime history.
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