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iKon giving oral (19+)

Listen. Jinhwan would want to taste you. “Come here. baby girl.” He’d call as he snapped his head from his thoughts and worked to act on them. He’d have you strip down and hover over his face as he laid on the bed. He’d eat you slowly. Only groaning or humming into you as the hands around your thighs and ass got tighter and tighter. Jinhwan would start to sit up higher and higher in attempts to get farther inside of you. By then you’d be shaking and screaming or whining for him to let you come. But Jinhwan is in the zone. He’ll sit so far up you start to loose balance and then he’ll flip you on the bed, his hand coming up your back to help you adjust a bit. The new position means him between your legs and your back against the bed. He would his circle your clit with his tongue and a loud humming noise and you would come around him so hard. Jinhwan would lick his lips and fall onto your fast moving chest to smile. “Damn baby.” He say and you’d smile at the irony before he came to kiss your smiling lips.
Yunheong would do anything to please you. He would eat you out in every room if you said you wanted him to. He might be a bit inexperienced but his shaky tongue would have you arching high and moaning loud in no time. Yunheong would roam his hands around your soft skin, really admiring your textures. Anywhere he could he reach too and he’d be open to suggestions. If you gave him a direction he would follow your word quickly. Yunheong would moan and suck harder at every sound you made for him, taking them as praise. He would hum into you often and when he needed air he would pull off and inhale right above your sex before going back in. You’d end up smiling as you hold his hair in your hand, your other arm propping you up and arching your back over the kitchen counter.
Jiwon’s down for this. So down. He’s good with any kind of sex ever so you wanting him to eat you out wouldn’t be something he hadn’t thought about himself. He would have you sit, either on a counter or desk; something high so when he goes onto his knees you’re right in front of his eyes and ready for the licking. Jiwons hands would be spreading your thighs wider or pulling them closer to his face. Jiwon would love the feeling of your thighs closing tight around his head and he’d hum to tell you. When he needed air he would groan as he backed up a bit. “Damn, girl.” He’d groan with his husky before returning. Or just a simple, “Fuck.” I’m about to fucking faint! I can see Jiwon getting carried away and you ending up with 2 or 3 orgasms before he realizes and comes up to wipe his face and kiss you back onto the surface. Oral for Jiwon would be foreplay, only! Meaning? Get ready for a fourth orgasm, girl.
Hanbin would be fine with the idea, but it would be his idea. You would be sitting or watching tv and he would come and spread your legs. Kissing your pants as you squirm a bit under him. If you tried to tell him you were busy or it wasn’t the right time he would whine against your sex and that alone would have you moaning softly. That little sound would be all he needed to continue. Hanbin would want eye contact with you as he worked you with his tongue. If you looked away he would slow down until you looked at him again and he would groan as you squrimed and whined at the felling of his tongue/lips. Hanbin wouldn’t be quiet. He’d want you to hear what he was doing to you and let the sounds he made affect you the way the sounds you make affect him. He would also push his lips against your folds and blow, making his lips vibrate and causing you to arch your back and scream for him. Hanbin would want you to talk to him. Tell him how good he was making you feel, maybe even hear a “thank you” as you come onto his beautiful lips.
Donghyuk would jump at the opportunity to eat you out, but he would usually try to play it cool. He would go with whatever room he was in so you wouldn’t have to go far, but it’s for him because he’s impatient and wants to taste you as soon as possible. He would start by slowly undressing you. Donghyuk would want you either in sexy lingerie or absolutely nothing at all. Once you were down to only what he wanted he would start blowing on your heat before brushing you with his tongue. His hands would be massaging your knees and thighs as you lean over his body, your back on his stomach. Your head resting between his legs and your heat hovering over his face. You would shift and lay your head onto his thigh and he would bring his knees up so you could watch him work. You would have his other knee to hold onto as he progressed. Donghyuk would hum and groan into you as much as he could and the vibrations would cause you to cry out and when you did so he would smirk on your sex.
It would be Junhwe's idea to eat you out. You would be laying on the floor or bed with your legs spread eagle. His legs would press around one of yours with his hand on your other thigh. Ready to push it open if you try to close them. His other hand would be playing with your breasts and if you got testy he would wrap his fingers around your neck. Get testy, baby. All while he sucked on your clit until your thigh was shaking against his strong hand and your toes were curling. Junhwe would groan into your folds at every movement you made and when you came he would release your neck and smirk at you as he sat up over your other leg and reached for his belt as you panted loudly on the bed. “My turn.” He’d say as he impatiently removed his clothing.
I feel like oral with Chanwoo would be a bit rare. It doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t be great at it, it just means that he’s probably being a bit lazy but still wants to hear you moan. He would lay on the bed between your legs and his hands would be up massaging your breasts. Chanwoo would lick up your folds and kiss your clit before going back down and twisting your nipples to hear you moan louder. You would shake around his tongue as you came and he would lick up all of your juices as you came down from your high. Even after you had came down and your body started to relax, he would continue causing little mewls and moans to push through your lips at him licking your over sensitive core.
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