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The American military is moving towards a single fighter plane, designed to be versatile enough for all combat situations. The design includes VTOL functionality, meaning that it can take off and land vertically (because the Marine's really like this feature). However, including this means that the plane is heavier, slower, less maneuverable, and less safe than current models. In addition, the Chinese have build a copy of the plane that is better in almost every way, simply because they chose not to include VTOL functionality. The F-35 will cost the U.S. government around a billion dollars, and probably end up being less effective than current fighters.
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Its for cost saving purposes, I think we need to cut the budget but not like this!
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When build-up costing in billions and whether it live up or not remain in the 'air' or so. But then, at the expense of time, innovation and techno supremacy, does a one mind think a fighter plane serve its purpose- defeat & protect? This my 2cent worth.
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I don't think we're really building up @suranimh, can you elaborate
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Rather than spending hard earned taxpayer over say, upgrade a fighter plane than bettering families, children or standard of living be put into more good use. Billion dollars does more billions happy!
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@suranimh I completely agree. But if we are going to spend billons on a plane, at least make it the best one!
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