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I like all of the BTOB boys, and I think of all of them as visuals. To me, Hyunsik is the least showy of all the members, and I don't see him on camera as much. He has an absolutely beautiful eye smile though, and I hope to see more of him.
I love seeing him smile and laugh.
He lets his Hyungs talk him in to doing 'interesting' things.....something tells me red carpet was NOT his idea. He went along with it though.
Cute and sexy at the same time?
Hyunsik is a good sport about wearing all the costumes.
I love his voice, especially when he sings covers of English songs. All of Me is a perfect example. If you notice, he's also playing the piano.
What amazes me is how well he sings this jazz song. I have listened to him sing Moonlight over and over. His voice is so smooth and goes perfectly for this song.
Besides piano, Hyunsik plays guitar.
BTOB seems to be friends with all the other groups out there. One cute 'bromance' is Hyunsik and EXO's D.O.. They've been friends since middle school and really support each other.
I also need to mention that Hyunsik does work out really hard.....and it shows.
I'm half way there....
He is so freaking talented. His eye smile is just so cute! I love him very much.
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I hope so!
He is the least showy member and he's so genuine. His eye smile is probably my favorite of idol eye smiles.