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Hello to all my lovely beautiful indual friends. As most of you may know I am OBSESSED with Love Live! School Idol Project! and Love Live! Sunshine! so I am here tonight to share with you guys how to get Love Gems (for this who play the Mobile App game) Let's get Started
So what are Love Gems you may ask? Loves Gems are what you earn in the game and you can only spend them on scouting characters (5 Love Gems, if you scout more it's 50) or to restore your LP meter(1 love Gem)

So How can you earn these Love Gems?

1. Log In Every Day

When you Log in Daily you get special rewards like Gold, Friend Points and Love Gems. Log in for a month and you will receive a total of 6 Love gems (or how many there are for that month)

2. Log in Events

Most of the time Love Live! will have Log In events go on and if you're lucky there will be gifts for loging in each day. They also give 5 Love Gems when it's one of the Characters Birthday (here is a list of their birthdays to keep track of)

3. Daily Quests.

Doing Daily Quest will give you 1 Love Gems. You will have to complete other Daily task to get the gem Complete 5 Songs - Gold Scout 3 Members (N, R, SR or UR) - Gold Practice 5 Members - 200 Friend Points Once you complete those Get Full Combo 1 time - 1 Point

4. Songs

B-Side Songs (side songs) Playing Expert mode will give you a love gem if you haven't Already played it, but if you get full combo you will get a 1 Love Gems. •Playing Hard mode in B-Side songs you will get 1 Love Gems per A or S ranking in Score, Combo or Cleared (when you Play that song multiple times) Hit Songs (songs you keep) •if you play a song for 100 times you will get 1 Love gems.

5. Character Stories

•Main Story Sometimes you can get 1 Love Gem completing a Main Story, but not all stories will. •Side Stories They're a easier to get Love Gems. All you have to do is Specialize a Character with the same card and Max bond them and it will open their stories. Same goes for N rated cards which are much easier to get

6. Events.

Love Live will Host Multiple events in the game. But Love gems aren't the only thing you can get rewards in the events. I'm the event you get Gold: 5,000 - 60,000 Friend Points: 500 - 1,000 Love Gems: 1 - 2 SR Charcters: This will depend on the event
@swegmaster did you contact the owners of the game
I can't play love live because it won't go horizontal!
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