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Pairing: Baekhyun/Reader Genre: Smut This is the second of the two stories that @SarahVanDorn promised you all. Because it's smut I've written this for all of you so I hope you enjoy. ^^ If you missed any stories find them HERE!!


You try to slow your breathing as you stare at your laptop screen. You rub your eyes once...twice to make sure you're not dreaming. You hover your pointer over the play button and pause. Were you ready for this? It was like you could hear ever atom in your body screaming NO. But your fangirl heart screamed louder at the thought of seeing your boyfriend along with the rest of EXO. You take a deep breath and read the title of the video once more. "EXO's Monster." You quickly press the play button and prepare yourself. You immediately squeal as the video starts and the members appear in front of you. You spot Baekhyun 's angelic voice in the beggining. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. Then you actually see your boyfriend on the screen with a damn ear/lip piercing. The sight alone makes you fly back in your seat in shock. he couldn't...but he.... Second by second your face only grows in shock as your boyfriend and the rest of EXO slays you more and more. By the end of the video you're surprised your heart hasn't beated right out of your chest. "What the hell did I just watch...?" At that moment a pair of hands grab yout shoulders and spin you around. You scream for a brief second before recognizing Baekhyun's face smiling widely at you. "Ahhh you're so easily scared jagi. Its almost too funny." You roll your eyes and shrug his hands off, turning back to your laptop. You had to exit the page before he saw what you were watching. You know its already too late once you hear his familiar laugh behind you. "You already watched it!? Were you that excited to see me?" Your cheeks burn as you exit the page and rise from your chair ignoring your boyfriend's laughter. Its not like he was lying. You were excited to see him in a new MV. And he did not disappoint. You try to pass him but is stopped by his arms snaking around your waist. He pulls you toward him and breathes into your ear. " did you like it?" His breath sends chills through your body but you try to hide the affect he's having on you and squirm in his arms to get away. "Come on jagi. Did I turn you on? Its okay just let me know." Did his voice just drop? You could've sworn his voice wasn't this deep a while ago. It was hard to make any thoughts at all as he pulled you closer his member pressing against you. Your breath hitches as he licks your ear impatiently. "Okay maybe you were a little appealing but it was mostly shocking. Especially that ear and lip piercing. It was gross but" You say the last bit quickly hoping he wouldn't notice. Who knows how long he would tease you about liking some kinky stuff like that. You lean back into him, not hearing a response. Why was he quiet? Was he that surprised? "I mean its not like I'm into that kind of stu-" You're silenced as his hand slides down your pants and underwear and toward your clit. His long, nimble fingers play around your clit, teasing you as your breath quickens. "Y/N. Do you want to try something new? Let me know right now." "Baekhyun I don't think-" He suddenly plunges a finger in you and bites your ear teasingly. Your thoughts stutter and you moan loudly. The room felt like it got 100° hotter and you realized you wanted this. No, you needed this. "I need an answer jagi. Now." He plunges a second finger in you and your legs almost give put on you as he wiggles them inside you. You can barely form words as the pleasure overtakes you and literally leaves you drooling. You gather your thoughts enough to make a response. "Y-Yes Baekhyun. Fucking wreck me." You don't even need to be looking at him to know he's smirking as he removes his fingers from inside you and riases them in front of your mouth. "Then let's begin jagi. Suck them." You look at his long, slick fingers that are covered in your juices. Baekhyun had never commanded you like this but it was exhilarating. You open your mouth and take his fingers in his mouth. You suck them, tasting yourself as you run your tongue over his fingers. You lift your eyes and Baekhyun staring at you lustuflly. The look alone turned you on even more. His fingers jerk out your mouth and a second later his lips are on yours. You wrap your arms around his neck deepining the kiss. His tongue pushes against your lips for entry and you submit to him without a fight and allows him to ravish you. Your head swims from the passion and you're thankful when Baekhyun grabs your legs and tosses you over his shoulder. You giggle like a little girl as he carries you to your bedroom. Baekhyun throws you on the bed and hurriedly removes his clothes. You follow your boyfriend's lead and teasingly remove your clothing. You smirk as Baekhyun looks over your body like its a piece of art. He leans down and kisses your breast, his tongue darting out and licking the nipple. You throw your head back in ecstasy. Lost in pleasure you don't even notice the pink vibrator that Baekhyun eases in you until he turns it on. You gasp in surprise and look down to see Baekhyun rotating the vibrator inside you. Your eyes roll back in your head as he turns the setting up one notch. The heat pooling in your stomach is undeniable as he stuffs his fingers in your mouth once again. You suck them almost automatically your mind unable to decipher anything around you. "You're doing so good jagi. It almost makes me want to fuck you raw and hard right now." He removes the vibrator and lowers his face between your legs. "But I'm not done playing yet." You moan in pleasure as he dives into you. His tongue skims over your clit before plunging deep inside. You try to grab Baekhyun's hair to anchor yourself to reality but they make no move. You look toward the head of the bed and see that both your hands have been hooked up to the bed railing. When did he have time to do that? And how did you not notice? You waste no time thinking about that wheb you feel Baekhyun somehow plunge his tongue deeper into you, almost making you scream out. He runs his hands over your body teasingly and that only brings you closer and closer to the edge. You lose it once you two make eye contact. And just like that you're coming. You come so hard your vision blurs and you feel your toes curl from the blinding pleasure taking over your body. As you come down from your high you hear Baekhyun chuckle and murmur something. "Wow jagi. You really came hard for me. Let's see if I can make you do that again." Baekhyun grabs your hair and pulls it roughly to the side so you're face to face with his member. You're still recovering from your high but you can't help but dart your tongue out and lick the head, tasting the pre-come that's already collected. Suddenly Baekhyun thrust his whole length into your mouth, almost choking you. You cough around his member but quickly adjusts to the size as he thrusts into your mouth. His moans spur you on as you grab his cock pulling it from your mouth and slap it on your face. He looks at with eyes full of lust as you run your tongue all over his cock. "Yeah get that cock nice and wet so I can fuck you through this mattress." You whimper as he face fucks you like he's never done before. You almost cry when he pulls your mouth away from his cock. You don't stay mad for long though as he aligns himself and thrusts into you fully with one go. Its like the breath is knocked out of your body as he rests a moment for you to catch your breath. After a moment he starts moving and you yearn to run you hands down his back. Baekhyun fucks you slow and hard and with every thrust your heart skips a beat. "Fuck Y/N. You're so freaking tight." He grunts and leans down to your ear as he quickens his pace. The feeling is so overwhelming you're not surprised to feel tears of pleasure coming down your face. You can barely form any thoughts as Baekhyun whispers in your ear the dirtiest things you couldn't even imagine while thrusting harder into you. The familiar heat starts pooling in your stomach but you're not done yet. You still want more. "Baekhyun...C-choke me. I'm so close...." You're glad that Baekhyun is done with his teasing and immediately obeys your wishes. His large hands wrap themselves around your neck and grips it tightly as he continues to pound you. Your throat begina to feel constricted but that even turns you on more as you gaze hazily at the man above you. You're in pure bliss right now and you don't even notice when Baekhyun hips stutter, signaling that he's about to come. You wrap your legs around his lower back, pushing him deeper. "Ahh fuck Y/N. You've been such a good girl." He pulls out you with and jerks his member a few times before releasing thick, white ropes across your body. He moans loudly as his body twitches from his huge climax. You find yourslef coming also and you feel the sheets beneath you soaking in your juices. "Holy shit Y/N." Baekhyun grins at you before flopping down beside you. He peppers your face with kisses before finally kissing you deeply on the lips. "I didn't know you were a kinky freak. You enjoyed that a little more than I thought you would." "Hey! You liked it too!! I'm not the only kinky one here." You raise your hand to swat at him but find them to still be handcuffed. "Uhh you mind?" Baekhyun looks at your face then at your restrained hands. He then gets a big smile on his face and gets up from the bed. "Oh jagi. I just realized the guys and I have this important meeting to go to. I'm afraid you'll have to stay like that for awhile." "Oh ha ha. Get your butt over here and umcuff me so I can beat you up." "Mmmmm let me think about it." And with that he leaves you in the bedroom and goes to the bathroom to take a shower. When he finally did come back he uncuffed you. He got beat up and was sentenced to 2 months on the couch. But you're easy to coax. Especially if its Baekhyun. ;)
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Kris smut!!
I always equate Kai and smut in the same sentence for some reason....
Luhan and Smut
well damn I feel attacked now by feels thank u because he's my ultimate bias 😭😭😭
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