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We all know the famous title tracks like "Fire", "Just One Day", and "We Are Bulletproof".

But can you recognize these tracks that may not have caught your attention??

"Look Here"

Album: Dark And Wild

"Where Did You Come From"

Album: Skool Luv Affair


**This was actually a cover of Mariah Carey's Beautiful and it's soooo good!


Album: Dark And Wild

"So 4 More"

Album: Dark And Wild

"Road Path"

Album: 2 Cool 4 Skool

One of my favorite overlooked songs is "We On" from their O! RUL8 2? album.
Born Singer, Coffee, If I ruled the world the intro to in the mood for love, and Spinebreaker. Hold me tight is my all time favorite 馃挄
2nd Grade is also very good and is a lit song
Spinebreaker! From Skool Luv Affair
Adult Child, Scout's Graduation, School of Tears, Spinebreaker, 24/7=Heaven, Hip-Hop Lover, Born Singer, If I Ruled the World, Coffee, Jump, Move(Moving On), and pretty much all of their Japanese songs that aren't remakes.
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