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I don't think I've seen a post about them at all. Well maybe I have but mostly no I haven't so far. So I'm going to post about these dudes. They are family goals. They are so weird and comfortable with each other. They are a little mean to each other too. They have so many moments. I kind of wish I was into kpop a long time ago so I can be able to see all of their moments that they've had together. Like when they have their concerts they are wild. They dressed up as Beyoncé, and even performed her song ring on it. They all dressed up as different crazy Elsa's. They are truly adorable and mean and weird freaks but we love them anyway. I still wonder why they choose the name elf for their fandom name.
As a MOD for the Suju community, I'd love to say hi and I hope you come and visit our @ESwee said, we're pretty active :) b Also, they wanted to have a more friendly and closer relationship to their fans, that's why it's Ever Lasting Friends :)
Welcome to the family SuJu are my babies they are total dorks you will love every single side of them you should check out all of the variety shows they have been in including Super Junior M there are so many and really funny to and a lot are really really said like when the members had accidents you will seriously cry but everything turned out ok thank god but yea check them out @PilaVaj
4 are in the military right now.....and 2 more need to go soon.
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Quite a few have already finished....and Henry from SuJu-M is Canadian so he won't be going. All that is left is Ryeowook and Kyuhyun.....both I don't wanna see handling a gun.
E.L.F.'s are EverLasting Friends :) You should check out the SuJu community, we're pretty active, and we'd love to have you!
I'd love to join