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They were so close! my heart hurts! 😭😭😭😭😭
See I miss Luhan he was always there for Sehun they we're really close I hope Sehun is okay not being around Luhan I know it must hurt a little. HunHan fighting!!!!! ✊✊✊✊
My tears have been triggered 😭😭
I hope they still keep in contact this is a beautiful relationship😍😒
@kpopaddict16 I found it cute how they were close and such, and wanted to share that. But I had to take the risk of posting it and it being sad as well. D: While I was reading each one I found, I was just like, "ohhh, my heart! Luhan!!! Come back!"
I know!! literally if you looked on my instagram it'll be spammed with Tao and Luhan (working on kris) and a whole bunch of other artists but I came across one that had the ot12 and it had all but kris Luhan and Tao and in their place was shadows and it made me cry so hard
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