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Annyeong everyone!~ It's late because I forgot I had to post today. I been a little off lately.. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading chapter 4! 》Part 1《 》Part 2《 》Part 3

Happy Reading!

Chapter 4:

-I don't hate you anymore-Previously, on Bad Love!"Hey y/n I'm going to throw a party for us seniors next friday! You're coming right?", "Sure! Why not? Your my best friend!" You know we're going to be there right?", said Namjoon. "Of course! You have to!", Ailee said The music is loud and everyone is dancing and having fun. At the party, you see a energetic, happy -go -lucky Kookie who is dancing on the dance floor with these two girls, Jin in the kitchen trying to eat up everything, Hoseok playing some games with some other people, Taehyung being weird as usual touching stuff and running around like it's a playground,  Jimin trying to find Kookie, Namjoon already drinking and telling jokes, and then there's Yoongi standing against the wall just staring at everybody This party is lame. It's boring, I don't want to be here anymore. Look at those idiots(BTS) over there. Why is that loser Ravi here? if you don't mind, I'll take her off your hands. Ravi smirked and walked away. Yoongi was irritated. He went outside to get some fresh air. "Ya Yoongi! Where are you going?!", you yelled out. "Home", "You can't just leave your friends behind!", "I just did" "Ah gencha! That damn grumpy  Yoongi! Let's go you guys" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Hey y/n girl I got something shocking to tell you!", Ailee said. You were very curious to know, "what is it?", "Are you ready? Because this is going to be are shocker!", "Yes! Just tell me already!", you started to become impatient. "Okay okay! Well.. Hoseok told me some things about Yoongi... and uh it was pretty deep!", Like what?", "You want to find out the truth of why Yoongi is the way he is? He's like that because he's been going through some major family issues! It's terrible! I don't know if Hoseok was serious because he was drunk but it sounds like it's true. I didn't know he was going through a bad time. That explains his actions and all", "family issues?? like what?", you said. "Its a long story but to make a long story short, his father left him and his mother when he was in the 2nd grade. He has a older brother name Min Jaeyo, he used to always bully him and never spent time with him. So his mother is single with two jobs. She basically had to raise him and his brother all by herself. He had no male guidance.". You were shocked, "Omg are you serious?? that's so fucked up..", "Why did his father leave them? and where is his brother?", you asked. "His father left his mother for another woman and his brother is currently in college in Tokyo." "what in the blue hell am I hearing right now?! Hobi gotta be lieing bruh..", "Um y/n.. I think it's true. why would Hobi tell me something so serious? my mom always told me that drunks tell the truth. So there you have it! Girl I don't know about you, but now I feel bad for him". You just stand there in silence, not knowing what else to say. "Hey let's go back to the party, I got to check on my house to make sure no one is doing anything stupid. In a minute, everybody about to get the hell out! it's 2 something in the morning!", Ailee said walking back to the house. You followed her into the house. 》An hour ago before Yoongi and his friend's left the party *FLASHBACK*:《 When you were dancing with Ravi, then Ailee, and Yoongi's friends started to dance with you , a few minutes later, Hoseok suddenly disappeared. Ailee wondered "where did Hobi go? we were all just dancing together". She shrugged her shoulders, "ehh oh well!". Ailee stop dancing with you guys to go get something to drink. So she sat on the couch, in the living room, she turns her head to see Hoseok, sitting there drinking. She could tell he was drunk because she smelled the liquor on him and he was laughing for no reason like a crazy person. His cheeks was red too. "Ya hobi! why did you disappear like that?", Ailee said laughing at him. He turned his head to her smiling, "Oh.. I did.. opps!", He said laughing. Then Ailee continued, "I didn't see Yoongi's ass on the dance floor. He needs to stop acting so stuck up and too cool, and have some fun! gosh!". "hyung... hyung is so stressed out. hyung will never be the same. you see, he's broken in to pieces..", Hobi said blabbering at the mouth with his drink in his hand, waving it left to right. Ailee looked confused at what he said. "What are you talking about silly? what do you mean he's stressed out? about what?", He looked at her with a serious look but you can still tell he's drunk, "Yoongi's father left him and his mother when he was only in the 2nd grade. His father left his mother for some other chick. He is a really bad man. I can't.. I can't believe he would leave his two kids behind and his mother, who has did nothing wrong to him but be good to him. He has a older brother, Min Jaeyo, who is in college now in Tokyo. Jaeyo always used to bully him growing up. He called him bad names, hit him whenever he wanted to, he was stingy with everything, and never spent time with him. Yoongi basically grew up with no male guidance. No one never really taught him how to be a man but the only family he's got is his mother and us of course. She is now a single mother, working two jobs so her and Yoongi won't have to be in the streets with nothing! She's trying her best to take care of him. She had to raise him and Jaeyo by herself. Jaeyo never stepped up to the plate, he was disrespectful to his mother and tried to run over her. She eventually kicked him out of the house. Every event in school that had something to do with Fathers, his never was there while most of everybody had their Father. When he saw other kid's siblings come pick them up from school or hanging out, he felt left out and sad. Kids always wondered why they never saw his Father come up to the school or his brother. People tried to pick on him but that didn't happen. Hyung started to become violent. He used to fight everyday and get suspended from school. He bullied others. His mom always had to come up there. Hyung had a hard life growing up and it's still hard for him. I feel like he needs a girl in his life.. he's so miserable Ailee..", then Hobi nods off and falls asleep on the couch. Ailee just sat there with her mouth open. She couldn't believe what she just heard. She tried to wake him up, Ya..ya! Hoseok! wake up! are you serious? is that really true?!". He was knocked out. Ailee got up and walked away. 》Ailee's P.O.V:《 Omg.. I can't believe Hoseok told me all that about yoongi! but was he forreal? Is that why Yoongi is the way he is? Man I've got to tell y/n! She is going to be shocked! Poor thing.. he does have it more rough. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


An hour later, the party was over. It was just you and Ailee. "Are you spending the night here y/n? you should, it's too late and I don't want you to be walking out there, it's too dangerous", "Yeah sure". You took a shower and put on your pj's and laid down on the bed, thinking. 》Your P.O.V:《 I can't believe all this time Yoongi been treating me and others like crap for years, he was going through tough times with his family. How would I have known? Maybe if his father wouldn't of left him and his mother and his brother treated him right and was there for him, he wouldn't be the person he is today. Yoongi would of had manners, he would of been a kind and sweet guy. He would of never bullied me and others. He would have been smiling most of the time instead of looking evil. Damnit! I do feel bad for the poor guy, he has had it more rough than all of us. After awhile, you and Ailee went to sleep.
Monday is here. It seemed like it was a long weekend. You didn't want to be here, you just wanted to sleep. The teacher kept talking and talking, you tried to stay away. Just when you were nodding off, the teacher called your name, "Ms. (y/last name) ! here, I want you to take these test booklets to the teachers downstairs in room 107 and 109". You got up from your seat and sigh'. You didn't want to but you had to. You grabbed the books from your teacher,it was a lot of books. You walked out the classroom with the tall stack of books. 》Your P.O.V:《 uggh! why and the hell did I had to do it? She could of asked someone else. These are too many books to carry, I hope I don't drop them. I still can't get over what Ailee told me about Yoongi. it's been on my mind ever since. ugh whatever, why do I care anyway. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So as you were walking down the hallway with the books, you got to the stairs and started to walk down them. You could barely see down the stairs because of the tall stack of books. Yoongi happens to be walking up the stairs trying to get to class. You see him but you didn't think nothing of it. Suddenly, while trying to walk down the stairs, you missed one step. You were about to fall, you were in shocked and started to scream but Yoongi caught you in his arms. The books were scattered all over the floor. You were scared and your heart started to beat fast. "whoa that was close, um than--ks". You two were looking in each other's eyes deeply. Strangely, your heart started to beat more faster. Yoongi's heart started to beat fast too. You were blushing, so you turned your head. He was low key blushing too then he cleared his throat and he finally let go of you. He scratched his head and looked away not looking at you and asked, "Uh are you okay?", You were shocked that he asked and thought, "wow that's a first". "Yes.. I'm fine". Then Yoongi looked at you, "Ya! you should be more careful! why are you carrying so many books down the stairs stupid?!", "My teacher told me to take these books downstairs to room 107 and 109", you said looking down at your feet. "Well I think she should of did that herself. You started to pick up the books that was scattered on the floor. He started to help you. "Give me all of the books", He said. "huh??", I said give me the books! are you deaf?!", so you gave him the books and you two started to go downstairs to the classrooms. "Are you sure you got this? I don't want you to fall and drop the books", unlike you I won't, I'm more careful than you". You laughed a little, "ha okay I guess". While you two were delivering the books to the other teachers, you were stuck in your head. 》Your P.O.V《 A guy never held me that way before... and looked into my eyes like that before. I only see that in dramas or movies. What is this strange feeling? Why did my heart beat so fast. Am I getting sick? This is so weird that Yoongi is helping me! Is he sick? "Ya.. Ya! we're here!", He said. You snapped out of it. "oh..Oh okay", what the heck were you thinking about?", "nothing..". So you delivered the books to the two classrooms and went back upstairs to class. "I guess Yoongi just disappeared". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was lunch time. You guys got to have lunch outside. You were sitting down on the bench by yourself, deep in thought. Your heart felt weird and you became nervous. Ailee suddenly came over to you and sat down. "Hey girl what's up? what's wrong? why are you sitting here alone? Go get your lunch before we go back to class", "I'm alright I guess.. and okay but can you get it for me please?", you ask smiling, "Ugh you're lazy! but okay!", Ailee said laughing and walked away to go get your lunch.
School was out. You had to walk home by yourself because Ailee had to stay after school for some makeup work. While you were walking, suddenly these group of guys blocked your way and tried to talk to you "Aye girl! what's your name?", you tried to walk around them but they blocked you. "Listen, I don't have time for this! move out of my way!", you said getting annoyed. Then another guys goes, "Aye girl chill out, we just want to know your name, you got a boyfriend?", the guy said walking up to you and touching your hair. You slapped his hand away, "Don't touch me!", then another one of the guys snatched your bag out of your hand, "Hey what's inside? what are you studying math or some shit? you got some food in here?", "ya! give it back you jackass!", you yelled and tried to get your bag back back but one of them pushed you and they laughed. "Ya.. dipshit didn't you hear the girl? give her back her bag". It was a familiar voice you heard, you looked up and it was Yoongi. "What the hell? Yoongi??", you thought. "Who the hell are you?! mind your own business!", "Don't you punks got something else better to do than pick on people? Look at cha, you look broke and uneducated! Oh and a bunch of sissies!, Yoongi said with a smirk. "Ya!! why you little--". The guys started to jump Yoongi but he was whooping their ass. You were amazed at how many guys he can beat up at once. Afterwards, the guys ran away. "Yeah you beta run you pussies!", He yelled out. He turned to you, Ya! you getting yourself into trouble already?", "It's not like I wanted to, those guys started it. I was walking then they cut my path off but why do you care anyway? you could of just kept walking", you said. "kept walking? haha.. you would of been dead meat little girl", "well.. thank you Yoongi", you said walking pass him, bumping him on the shoulder. "Ya! don't bump me!". You just laughed. "Ya.. don't you think you need someone to walk you home, it's dangerous out here walking by yourself", Yoongi yelled. You stop walking and turned around, I'm fine! thanks anyway!". You continued to walk home and smiled. While the whole time you were walking home, Yoongi was following you from far distance. He wanted to make sure you didn't run into any trouble again. You finally got to your house, unlocked the door, and went inside. There was Yoongi standing in front of your house. 》Yoongi's P.O.V:《 Wow.. so this is where she lives. I don't know why I followed her here. Am I sick or what? eh whatever! He then walked away, heading home. He had on his earbuds, listening to music with his head down. Suddenly, when he reached his home, a girl was sitting on his porch waiting for him. He looked up to see her and stopped in his tracks and took out his ear buds. "Hey Yoongi, long time, no see". Before he could say anything, she...

She what? :) You'll see next week in Chapter 5!

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