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Alright guys, this is pretty cool - whether you're a One Piece fan or not! There's a chain of hostels in China that are themed to be about different anime, and this one is all about One Piece! I love the wall paintings in this place. I'd definitely be happy to stay there if I could!!
This is the front of the hostel.
And this is the lobby area! There's figures, wanted posters, wall paintings, etc!
These are all the people who didn't pay for their rooms XD XD XD
People are free to draw on the walls!
And all the rooms have awesome wall paintings of One Piece!

So....who's ready to book a trip?

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Must... go... to china...
y one piece? I want fairy tail or katekyo hitman! tsuna san!!!
@Baoyi they did say it's a chain of hotels with different anime themes
yay!!!!! I gotta go!
I would love to go