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Spam - Tao (AB) Style

There has been a distinctive lack of *all* EXO members in the Vinglesphere brought to my attention by @PliaVaj, good looking out girl! So @kpopaddict16 came up with brilliant idea of spamming the boys who don't typically get a lot of attention. So I was lucky enough to do my one and only love, Huang Zitao! As if I was gonna say to no to that...pssh! Without further adieu, enjoy some sexy beautiful Tao!
He is so amazing!! I'm gonna stop killing myself now. Hope you all enjoyed the glorious spam. I know I did ;)
The Savage Thunder Mafia @EliseB @KhrystinaLee @ElleHolley @ashleyemmert @Lexxisco @nadinerzz @NasiaWright @narutobandgeek @Helixx @isabellaelliott @Dianabell @twistedpuppy @JessWang90 @sarabear1021 @KpopLifeu @Isolate @BBxGD The Homies @VeronicaArtino @amobigbang @Baekyeol27 @Brawner13 @JaiiPanda If anyone would like to be tagged or removed just lemme know! All credit to the owners of the pics and gifs! These be some fiine images. Peace out!
I just can't even. He needs to fucking chill. Between him and Luhan, I just....ugh.... I agree....ugh
I'm surprised you survived
Barely. I just to pick a whole bunch and not focus or else I'd be a goner....
YAASSS TAO IS LIFFFEEEE lol imma do Kris tomorrow I mainly have memes with him so I need to look for regular pics so imma go look at his insta
maybe Chen I dont see a lot of him I think I've spammed luhan and xiumin idk lol but it doesn't hurt to spam again
I was thinking Chen. he's my secret weakness lol
that's a good idea
Hey it's my gif xD people seem to like that one☜☆☞
my literal favorite post
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