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I recently read an article on Soompi stating "Doctors" was cutting close with script completion and filming. To be fair, I haven't watched the drama so I can't comment on the quality and pace. However, I thin cutting close with the script seem unfair for the actors. They have have to memorize the lines and get into character in such a short amount of time. I heard of other dramas where writers consistently change the script to satisfied the viewers. For instance, a friend told me in Reply 1988, the writer changed the love interested of the female lead abruptly because the viewers were angry. I personally think it's best to have dramas pre-filmed so we writers won't be influenced by the public's opinion. It's their production after all. High rating is important but so is quality and standard.
Were there any dramas you felt like the writer should leave it as is?
I knew she was meant to be with the other one in Reply 1988! 馃槱 I love Park Bo Gum but the future character fit better to Ryu Jun Yeol's character 馃槩.
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Yeah, the story would definitely end on a stronger note if the writer is hold on to his original script.
I did watch Doctors and I enjoyed it, it has some beautiful moments that made me either bawl or tear up. I rather dramas be prefilmed!
so I watched doctors the story actually developed really good but I wish they would have like went two more episodes but it was good none the less. it was actually at a really great pace it kept my interest
I think that they should focus on making the story the best they can because that's what's going to hook us. They should focus on the plot and the characters.
prefilmed means they can't cut episodes if the show falls flat.
That is true to some point but I feel like if the audience loose interest in halfway it must be because the script fall short.