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I forgot her name! It's been so long since I watched this! Forgive me!
Human.... That's okay though. At least I can eat delicious food all the time!
Well... I don't remember who they are but I think they are the Ghoul exterminators/investigators. Am I right? If so. Then Uta and I have a forbidden love life. Haha! @AimeBolanos
😂😂 I loved your last comment lol forbidden love sounds awesome xD Thanks for playing!
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Lol! Glad you enjoyed it! 😄 thank you for giving me the opportunity! Lol
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@Gibbous1992 \^u^/ Anytime!
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@Gibbous1992 i agree with you---i couldnt give up human food no matter how unhealthy and processed it is 😭
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@lovelikematoi I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels this pain. Haha
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