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Okay back with another oneshot! This one has Suga of BTS! Enjoy fellow Vinglers!
Warning Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
The morning after Suga texted you (a Min Yoongi oneshot) You wake up to the sunlight shining through your window as you shielded your eyes with your hand and got up from your bed. You went to your kitchen and had cereal for breakfast, then you sat on the couch and watched tv for two hours until someone knocked at your door. You walk over and open the door for Suga and he was wearing a black hoodie and black pants. "Yoongi, what wrong baby?" You asked him looking down. "I have feelings for you." he replied. You smiled and he pulled you in for a very tight hug that squeezed the awkward out of you, then you hugged him back and he kissed your lips oh so passionately as you move your arms from his waist to his neck and you jumped into his arms. Your legs locking around his as you both looked at eachother in the eyes. "I love you too Yoongi." You replied. You kissed him as he was still carrying you and he walked into your bedroom and laid you down which made you loose control in your legs as he forcefully pulled off your panties and he lifted his shirt off and got on your bed. You backed up to the wall as you held on to the back of your bed as he licked your buns dry while you were leaking. He then poked his tongue up your hole as you push his pants down with your feet until you could see his butt from back to legs. He then undid his pants and pushed them off his legs and threw them off to the side of the bed with his undies. He then continued to eat you out as his tongue was still up inside your hole licking all around until you were dry. He moved his tongue out and you lift your tiny nighty off and throw it on the floor next to his pants and undies. He crawled up to you and kissed your lips and rolled his body on top of yours as your arms were around his neck as you hook your legs on his legs which lowered him down until he slid his dick inside your hole and his chest came down on yours. He felt around for your boobs and he squeezed them as if they were stress toys as you moved your hands down to his butt cheeks and did the same. He was running out of breath so he licked your nipples and twirled his tongue around both of them. Then he kissed your neck and you ran your fingers through his hair, massaging his head real well, then you rolled over and placed your arms on his shoulders and kissed his neck as you were moving your pelvic bone on top his crotch. He rubbed your back, massaging it everywhere and then he lightly scratched it all over until you both rolled to your sides and you kissed his lips and hooked your legs to where the heels of your feet were on his back and he did the same on your back. You continued to make out and pull eachother closer to one another till your chests made contact. You were in this position for a long time until you both ran out of oxygen and you both gasped for air as he slid his dick from out your hole and you caught your breaths, lying on the bed facing towards the ceiling. You get up from your bed and go for the robe hanging on your bathroom door. You put it on and you head out of your bedroom. "I'm going to the couch to watch tv. You coming?" You asked Yoongi. "Ok" replied Yoongi. "There's a towel somewhere in the bathroom." You told him. "Alright." He replied. You went to the couch and sat down to watch tv. Yoongi followed suit having a towel to cover his crotch. He sat down next to you and you both watched tv for the rest of the day.
I hope you all liked it!!!!! Please suggest another idol if you want more oneshots from me!
please tag me! I suggest Jimin from BTS and Namjoon from BTS. Please and thank you
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