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Chen, Baek, Xiu's OST for Moon Lovers is Out!
I originally thought it was releasing on the 26th. I wasn't expecting the OST music video up so soon. From the selected scenes we see more interactions between the three main casts. Lee Joon Ki's mask and outfit is giving me major flashback of his character in Iljimae. We also see a quick glimpse of Lee Joon Ki shedding tears with blood stain on his face.

Let's hope we'll survive this!

And this...Second lead syndrome.

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I'm excited to watch it!
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a year ago
Uhm did Baekhyun just get beaten by a girl😂😂
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I can't wait to watch it.
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im in love with the song~!!! like ive been listening to it nonstop someone help save me!
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I m so excited!!!! just look at all the "Flower Princessssss & Pretty IU"
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