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I just came across this awesome mod a cosplayer did on their lightsaber to make it look more accurate to how Kylo Ren's looked in the movie.

This is the light saber!

The cosplayer wanted to make the lightsaber look more "unstable" like Kylo's does, and I think they did a great job of it. They even described their process a bit:
"liberal application of $6 clear silicone gel from the plumbing department at home depot. It dries pretty quick, so once the surface was completely covered it was pretty easy to shape by hand. Then 4 VERY thin coats of transparent red model spraypaint (2 coats each of 2 colors, alternating). And primer and sealer obviously. Took about 10 days start to finish, but the vast majority of that time was drying/waiting. Maybe about 45 minutes of actual work, and roughly $30 in materials"

Originally, their cosplay looked like this!

But I think it's going to look so much more accurate with this new blade! It's a small detail, really, but I think the effect is well done & really shows that they know & appreciate all aspects of the character.
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This is so freaking cool