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Hello Everyone! So today, I am to bring a few updates on this story. For those of you that haven't read this story, please go here (xx) I haven't updated this story because in all honesty, I forgot about it. However through the stress and such, it seems like its the only story I could actually work on right now. Probably because it's an angst haha. Anyways, so I decided to let you all know about a few updates regarding this story.

1. A New Update!

I am currently working on a new chapter and if I have free time the next few days, I will be able to update. So hopefully *fingers crossed* it'll be up by the weekend depending on my schedule.

2. A New Character Will Be Introduced.

This character... let's just say they'll probably make or break the two main characters. I'm very excited for this character, because I specially molded and worked very hard on this characters personality and mentality. Although some of you might end up hating or loving this character. (; Either way, please look forward to this character!

3. A New Collection

I finally made a collection for this story. Please follow it! (xx)

4. New Plot

With the adding of a new character and a few other things, I've made an even better plot (still the same but there are more events that lead up to the main one).

5. A Thanks To You All

This story will forever hold a special place in my heart because I feel like it's my best one so far. Thank you all for reading and for waiting so long for this story. Thank you for supporting me in this as well. You all are great. (:
I seriously can't wait I reread it and omg I forgot how good this story was!!
@twistedPuppy Haha, Thank you!
I seriously love that story I can't wait for the update!