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Alright, I have no reason to be looking at couple cosplays, but I can't help but thing these ones are so badass!!! I love the character designs from Assassin's Creed, and I especially love that you can take some creative liberty with the look of an assassin from this world & still be not an official character...and still be recognized! It's pretty awesome.

Which is probably why I love all these couple cosplays so much XD

Who else wants a S.O that will do this kind of look with you?!

i do! ive never cosplayed before. having a girl who was into it would be so awesome and fun. id want the experiences we could share. alone just seems. isolated
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i havent seen Fire Emblem fates. ive heard of the game series and hear good things. ill have to look up this Saizo but his title sounds awesome lol
I would kill for that kind of S.O. who'd cosplay with me
A couple's cosplay would be really cool. Now I just need to find someone to do that kind of thing with me, which is easier said than done because I live in Vermont.
I live in Montana all I got is cowboys here I think Cali is calling me home
I would love to have someone to dress up with
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I think it'd be pretty fun to do this lol
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