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U-KISS members have said often that they'd like to forget their debut song because its just so...awkward.

The song isn't the bad, its just the styling and the opening "rap...."

"U-KISS y'all
We're new kidz on this block yah heard?
Stop treating us like kids
Cause we're not anymore you know what i'm sayin'?
we're all grown up, all grown up hahaha"

Watch all its cringe-y goodness below:

Glad to see that they got better songwriters and stylists^^

They were fetuses... OMG LOOK AT DONGHO!! 😂😂😂
vingle: "this popular group's debut song is EMBARASSING" me: *before opening card* "U-Kiss?!" *opens card* "CALLED IT'
Actually, that's the only song I know of U-Kiss. My sisters were obsessed with it and we even learned the dance at some point (but let's put the memory in the past). haha The rap intro is weird but the song is catchy!
Love this, when I feel sad I watch this lol
serious cringe FOR SHURE
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